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We know you understand the concept of choices. But do you know what happens when you have a lot of choices? The multiple options confuse your brain out, and you have a hard time picking the right one. The same goes for your arrows. Picking a vane that suits your arrow well can be such a chore because guess what: every other vane wants to come off as the best!

Here’s a quick fix, we took two of the best vanes out there and tried to take a look at their design (besides tuning our bows and arrows first) to find out which of the AAE vanes vs. Blazer vanes are better for you.

AAE Vanes:

Best Bits

AAE Vanes are a cult favorite for their quietness. Besides being durable and flexible thanks to their ribbed design, the AAE vanes are built with a material that makes them ultra-light and accurate every time you take a hit, be it indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between. Another advantage of these is that they are very easy to fletch, as we will be explaining later.


If you want to fletch with these vanes, what you have to do is, apply primer to the foot of the vanes. Now, you should wait before you apply the max bond. Some people forget to do this and end up with the wrong process. We’ve heard friends use AAE whips along with it, and honestly, with this combination, you could work with hundreds of vanes. Anyway, just remember not to use acetone as it hurts the material, despite being similar to the AAE whips.

So once your max bond is dry, simply wipe the excess off, repeat and let dry till you are satisfied.

Also, remember, using helical clamps with your AAE vanes helps in the fletching process creates the perfect helical trajectory.

Blazer Vanes: 

Best Bits

If durability was a sport with the vanes, Blazer vanes would definitely win it between the two. The steering and correction of Blazer vanes are a class apart thanks to the auto racing drafting mechanism based on which they are built. You’ll also find them to be the lightest vanes with the tightest tolerance and excellent steering abilities.


Fletching with the Blazer vanes makes the worst of your arrows into the most precise ones. In fact, the fletching is so well-approved that you would want to replace even your lengthy vanes of 3-5 inches with this 2-inch blockbuster. You can instantly notice the better trajectory when you are done fletching with these, and they stick better with the arrows too.

Summary: AAE Vanes vs. Blazer Vanes

  1. When it comes to the budget, both of the vanes cost nearly the same, so you shouldn’t have trouble picking any one of them based solely on the price. Because with the same price, you can get the salient advantages of any of the two, so pick only what fits the occasion.
  2. The users who have worked with the AAE vanes are mostly agreeing with the true quietness of these vanes. Hence, if you need to shoot in any environment that requires you to quietly make it to your prey, you should definitely pick the AAE vanes. The material is thick enough to cut through the air well and, all the while, doesn’t create any noise. So, if you want to hunt a deer that requires you to do everything from masking scents to making sure that your trace can’t be easily understood, this is the more stealthy option to get going compared to the Blazer vanes.
  3. If you want a good shot at long-range groups, always pick the AAE vane type.
  4. You should pick Blazer vanes only when you need the perfect clearance. Since AAE vanes are a tad taller than the blazer vanes, they have an issue with clearance sometimes, but this isn’t a recurrent or continual issue and depends mostly on your shooting style.
  5. If you need something that is more available and has no issue of compatibility, always go for Blazer vanes.
  6. In case your main concern is durability over quietness, definitely go for Blazer vanes.

Final Words

So it seems that between the AAE vanes vs. Blazer vanes, you can pick anyone you like so long as you pay attention to what they are most befitting for. For quiet hunting, AAE vanes are better, although they have less clearance sometimes. Again, for durability, Blazer vanes are better, but they won’t help you hit a target stealthily. So choose wisely!

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