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Hi, It’s me Allen Je, the founder of Tone of Hunting. I have launched the website to meet your all kinds of hunting and adventure needs.

I was born in Denver, Colorado. Colorado has been a famous hunting state for Americans with an abundance of Elk, mule, and white-tailed deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, etc. I was fond of exploring the footprints of these exotic hunting animals up in the Rocky Mountain through the icy hiking pathways and the dense forest of prairies, canyons, and butts.

As I grew up, hunting and conserving nature become my passion and priority. However, with ages, I came to know that most hunters roam to and fro without knowing details about their requirements. They lack knowledge in hunting gears, processes, and locations.

Hence, with my 10+ years of experience in hunting different locations of America, I established Tune of Hunting. The goal of this site is to offer you premium service in hunting and adventures. Whether you decide to go for Elk or the famous Caribou, my writing and information are sure to help you.

You will love the informative reviews, guidelines, and suggestions on different hunting gears including air guns, boots, camps, archery bows, duck decoys, etc. I aim to make your hunting experience one of a kind and unforgettable with my detailed reviews too.

I hope Tune of Hunting will elevate your hunting experience.

Why Should You Choose Tone of Hunting?

  • The website doesn’t only provide information about hunting but also it aims to conserve nature. So, you will know the ways of preserving nature and enjoy hunting without breaking the state and federal rules.
  • You will get the most updated and detailed review of all possible hunting gears here. From the simple utility knife to the archery bows, here, you will get detailed reviews of each product along with advantages and disadvantages. So, you will never be let down on practical grounds.
  • Apart from product reviews, you will also get details on the hunting process of different animals. On top of it, we will help you locate the best hunting locations and seasons of various animals to help you know to go and when not.
  • Hunting should be fun, comfortable, and safe. And in Tune of Hunting, you will get the best suggestions for all these three requirements. You will love the safety suggestions and ideas to make hunting fun.
  • At present, Tune of Hunting consists of my Alen J. only. Soon, I will expand my team with pro hunters to offer you a one-stop hunting solution center. So, you are sure to get premium services from here. Isn’t it exciting?