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Between the option of choosing 1 and choosing 3, what will you pick? If it’s a good thing, you’ll always go for larger numbers. So when it comes to picking the number of pins for your sight (a good thing!), you might like 3-pin options over single pin sights.

But why 3? The idea of 5 pins may be too crowdy, 3 seems to be just perfect to help you line up your shots quicker and to give you a shooting distance well over 30 yards with supreme accuracy, you’ll get to pick the best 3-pin bow sight here! If you want the perfect bridge between adjustability and accuracy, read along!

Top picks

Most Convenient: Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

“The best budget 3 pin bow sight for beginners who want to practice with a sight that has visibility and customizability.”

Editor’s Pick: Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight

“If you are looking for the best 3 pin adjustable bow sight, the location adjustability of the React Trio is surely going to leave you amazed!”

Best Precision: Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

“Featuring ultra-bright pins, the Fix series is a good bow sight to grant you visibility in low light and well-lit conditions, granting you precision shooting every time.”

Value for Money: TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight

“If you want to easily locate your target, the pin size is just right for both left and right-handed users.”

Best Overall 3 Pin Sight: IQ Bowsights Bowsights/Pro Hunter RH

“For those of you seeking consistency and form from their bow sight, the Retina Lock is an unmatched feature with adjustability and precision combined, making it the best bow sight on the list.”

Best for Left-Handed Shooters: IQ Ultralite 3 Pin Bow Sight

“Made to suit the needs of all left-handed archers, here is a sight that cuts down the need for searching beyond its lightweight and range-increasing nature.”

Premium Choice: CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

“Even in the toughest situations, the CBE Engage is going to survive and give you the best performance on the field.”

Best Construction: Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight 

“It comes with a sturdy aluminum construction that makes it super easy for those of you seeking some durability to use it well and long.”

Also Great: Axion Archery 3 Pin Soul Hunter

“A lightweight option for hunters who will be traveling a lot in their shooting process, and comes in pink too!”

Best Compensation: Hha Sports Optimizer Lite

“Perfect for right-handers who need distance compensation in their target shooting and bowhunting seasons.”

Product Reviews on The Best 3 Pin Bow Sight:

Below, you will find 10 of the best selections of bow sights featuring 3 pins that you can use and take advantage of this season! Each of these has its specialty as you will find below.

Most Convenient: Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

The first one on the list is from Trophy Ridge, a favorite name to archers. Now, convenience is one of the main things that drives archers and hunters. If your bow sight is not easy to set up, no matter how good the features are, you are more likely to avoid it.

But if you find one that is easy to mount and adjust and easier on the pockets, won’t you stop and look?

This model by Trophy Ridge, called the Joker, is such a sight. It is super easy to install, and unlike the name, it’s no joke! Now, installation is important. But what about other features? Some of its best features that make it the best bow sight for elk hunting are presented below.

Key Features:

  • 3 Pins: You will get 3 super-bright pins here, each of which is made of a medium horizontal fiber with a 0.019-inch size. So, it can offer you a good amount of accuracy from the brightness of the pins and therefore help in good aiming.
  • Aluminum Bracket: Both left-handed or right-handed shooters can use this sight thanks to the reversible mount design on it. So if you and your partner both have different orientations but want to invest in a single pin, this is it.
  • Flexibility: Any archer can customize their mounting option on the bow they have once they use the Joker. As you have multiple mount holes on it, you can easily pick your shooting style!


  • Comes with ultra-bright pins for precision aiming.
  • Has a green hood accent to give you accuracy.
  • Can tolerate and generate multiple shooting styles.
  • Visible even when you want to shoot in darker hours.
  • Extremely easy to set up and mount with the multiple mounting options.


  • A little right-hand bias exists here even though it is labeled ambidextrous.
  • Not the best durability.

Editor’s Pick: Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight

Considered to be one of the best for deer hunting purposes, you have the React Trio Pro second on the list. Compared to the Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight, it has the same configuration of 0.019 inches of pin diameter.

But there are some differences too. The Joker was made out of plastic-focused construction. But when it comes to the Trio Pro, you have a blend of both steel and aluminum in the overall construction, making it more durable.

Also, with regards to the weight, Joker was lighter. But other than the construction and the number of pins, what else does this one have to offer as the best 3 pin slider sight? Let’s check out some important features of it.

Key Features

  • Third axis leveling: When you are shooting over longer distances, it is important to be accurate as you will have to shoot at many different angles. The 3rd axis adjustment allows you to do that.
  • React Technology: One of the most unique things that the React sights have is the namesake Technology. With the use of this technology, this bow sight is mathematically precise. Meaning that you will have automatically adjusted differences when you are shooting long distances, leaving you with more time to focus on the target.
  • Tool-less micro-adjustment: The tool-less micro-adjustment ensures that you can make corrections effortlessly. So when you are hunting the deers instead of searching for the tools in pressure moments, you can do it easily.


  • Rheostat light lets you view the target in any lighting condition.
  • No need to waste time in making adjustments for yourself.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum duo construction makes it more durable.
  • Possible to perform tool-less micro-click windage adjustments.
  • Works with two arrow groups.


  • More suitable for the intermediate and advanced than beginner-friendly users.
  • Only for right-handed users.

Best Precision: Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

If you were wondering, aren’t multiple pin options moveable? To answer your question, here is the best fixed 3 pins bow sight suitable for any sort of western hunting. Although this is a Fix Series sight, you don’t have 1 but 3 fixed pins here. 

But what else makes it so likable? The answer lies in the adjustments that you get here. Just like the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight, the Fix Series also features second-axis adjustments. So when it comes to sights like these, you get to not just adjust, but micro-adjust all that is needed here. 

You can work with the sight, the sight light, the observability, and everything in between. This highly customized aiming possibility makes it the most effortless option on the list!

Key Features:

  • Adjustability: You have micro-adjustable pins on the Fix sight. This fixed pin bow sight allows you to do two things: make use of the toolless micro-adjustment that can help you with the windage and elevation and the second axis adjustment that can give you high-quality precision.
  • Visibility: When you are shooting at low light, you need to have a good sight with light adjustability that can offer you an optimal amount of visibility. The ultra-bright .019-inch, horizontal fiber optic pins; rheostat light, and green hood accent ring gives you all of that here.
  • Construction: Since the mounting plate is made of aluminum, it adds to the sturdiness of the model making it robust in construction.


  • A great choice for beginners who want to start practicing bowhunting.
  • Quiet easy to set up.
  • Very comfortable with Diamond compound bows.
  • Same-sized pins make it easier on the overall field of vision.
  • Highly professional adjustment tools compared to most sights.


  • It may not be legal in some states as it is battery-powered.

Value for Money: TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight

Fourth on the list, you have this highly-rated 3 pin bow sight that is a good sight for anyone looking to bring out the whole value of the investment. If you want two words to describe it, simple and functional will be just enough.

But don’t think that simply means that you won’t get some high-quality features in it. If your hunting and target practice needs something simple yet effective, this is it. 

When it comes to durability, most of the best-rated sights fall short of the construction of the material with an overall sturdy build that will last you a couple of seasons. But not this one! Let’s see what it has to offer to bowhunters.

Key Features

  • Target: The fiber optics size on this site is larger than usual, 0.029 inches instead of 0.019. If you think it implies more obscurity, the plus point is that it makes the target easier to locate for you. If you won’t be shooting beyond 40-60 yards, this is enough.
  • Durability: As you read already, this sight is exceptionally durable as it is made of  6061-T6 aluminum. This makes sure that the sight is damage-resistant so that you can shoot and hunt in all sorts of environments.
  • Adjustment: When it comes to the adjustment, you can work with both windage and elevation adjustment with the sight before you take your shot. The markings on the tape help you to make your aiming more precise.


  • Simple and easy to use whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter.
  • The lightweight structure can be used for short-haul and long-duration hunting.
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed shooters.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction ensure durability.
  • Generates better vision from the pin bushing holes.


  • Requires Allen wrench to do the adjustments.
  • Does not work with dovetail bars.

Best 3 Pin Bow Sight Overall: IQ Bowsights Pro Hunter RH 

IQ Bowsights Pro Hunter RH

Now you may think, Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight offers you mathematical precision from the React technology, tool-less micro-adjust knobs, and 3rd axis leveling. Can there be more? What more could make the Pro Hunter better than the Trio Pro?

The Pro Hunter has the same adjustment possibilities, the same leveling. But when it comes to precision, Pro Hunter hits the jackpot! For beginners, it helps you to improve your targeting and shooting. And as for the experts, it helps you to maintain unmatched consistency. So how does this happen? Let’s take a look at the best features of it that promote these benefits.

Key Features:

  • Retina Lock: The celebrated Retina Lock technology on the Pro Hunter is instilled with muscle memory. So with the help of it, you can sight in, create the perfect form that suits your style, create tighter arrow groups, and hit targets even from a tree stand!
  • Adjustability: The pin adjustment system on the sight features Rapid-Drive technology. This along with the zero-stop knobs make it quite easy to adjust the pin on both the second and third axis. The elevation and windage adjustments are also laser-etched, giving you more precision on the target distance.
  • Flexibility: Uniquely to the Pro Hunter, you have two fixed and one floater pin here. So you can either move those around for fly-shots on moving targets or take help from the fixed pins for close-range shots and cover a good amount of distance (and extensions) in both!


  • Windage and elevation adjustments are toolless.
  • Ability to lock in adjustments even when you trip or fall.
  • You can hit across both flat grounds as well as tree stands.
  • Provides accuracy and clarity of shots from the ultra-bright .019 fiber optic pins.
  • Multiple mounting points allow different shooting style compatibility.


  • Only for right-handed users.
  • Might be a little tricky to use at first.

Best for Left-Handed Shooters: IQ Ultralite 3 Pin Bow Sight

IQ Ultralite 3 Pin Bow Sight

Did it bother you that the iconic Retina Lock technology and the best 3 pin bow sight from IQ is a sight that is suited for right-handers only? The IQ Bowsights Pro Hunter RH may be a right-handed archer’s dream come true. But for left-handed shooters, the Ultralite from IQ is not anything less!

As the name suggests, this one is particularly special for its lightweight nature that makes it the easiest to be used by hunters who will be out for long. 

So the fiber polymer construction ensures that you can hunt for long. If you need more than this to attract you, here’s what it has to offer to be considered the best for Mathews and more!

Key Features

  • Impact-bearing: The fiber polymer construction not only helps to help it be lightweight but also saves you from unwanted shooting if you or the bow suddenly falls with its highly impact-resistant build. Also, its silent coat finish makes sure that the operation on the field is less noisy for you and the target.
  • Retina Lock: Needless to say, this one also features the Retina Lock Technology that can save you from shifting your torque and anchor point. When bowhunting, even 0.25 inches of a drift comes out to be 40 times harder in penalty by giving you 10 inches of off-shot shooting.
  • Brightness: You have 3 fiber optic pins here, built at sight level, which when adjusted with the rheostat light, gives you excellent brightness.


  • Great for identifying torque in shots and improving them.
  • Can resist impact and shock and work in tough environments and sudden movements.
  • Allows you to shoot over a long distance with the adjustable pins.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Good operation in all kinds of lights.


  • Rheostat light needs to be bought separately.
  • The adjustment might be a little hard for beginners initially.

Premium Choice: CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight

With the special technologies from the Trophy Ridge React series and the IQ Bowsights series, your heart might want more specialties as you get introduced to newer brands. So what does CBE Engage have to offer? The Revolve Multi-pin Design featuring tremendous simplicity!

For some users, the right 3 pin slider bow sight is not hard to find if your budget can be stretched. If this is your back-of-the-mind idea, then you would enjoy coming across this popular, premium choice, the CBE Engage, in this list. 

But premium does not always mean better. So is the price tag just there for the brand name, or does it have anything special to offer? Let’s find out!

Key Features:

  • Micro pin: With the help of theRevolve micro pin system, you can easily adjust pins one at a time. How this helps is by not altering the position of the rest of the pins for a less crowded and simpler process. Adjusting one does not tamper with the pin position of the other!
  • Portability: Since this is a slider pin, you can easily switch it on and off the bow without having to tax your brains on the tens of ways you could do it with other brands. This also makes the sight easy to carry around.
  • Versatility: The blade pins on these fixed pin sights are available in two sizes. Besides the 0.019 inch size that you have been seeing so far, you will find it in 0.10 inch too, making it a more versatile option.


  • Solid structure that is meant to last long.
  • Individually locked pins make it very easy to adjust and use.
  • Aluminum sight tapes make it easy to adjust the yardage.
  • Bright pins make it easy to view in different lighting conditions.
  • Simple yet accurate usage for target shooting.


  • Quite expensive.
  • No scope for 3rd axis adjustment.

Best Construction and Lighting: Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight 

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight 

Like you saw, the TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight was excellent in terms of durability and construction with its composition of stainless steel and 6061-T6 aluminum. Again the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight also featured a similar aluminum and steel construction. With two of the giants (or should they be favorites?) on the list, why does the Ascent Verdict from Black Gold grab the title of the best construction?

That is because construction is more than just materials. It is the workmanship of the sight, its ease of use, and how conveniently it can be installed and mounted for shooting and hunting work. Like the CBE Engage Hybrid, this one is also a little expensive, but if it hadn’t been the price setback, it would be the best in business.

Key Features

  • Long-range: The view ring has 3 pins mounted on it, with the help of which you can shoot elevated and low-profile shots. And since you can shoot in multiple angles from it, beginner archers will get a lot of confidence in shooting with it.
  • Brightness: Since this is included with rheostat light, you can adjust the brightness to shoot in any kind of low light or well-lit conditions. The photochromatic shell also gives you a lot of color options. Another unique feature is the Skycoil above the fiber optic that collects more light than any sight ever!
  • Calibrated: You also get a calibrated sight tape at 45 degrees to the sight that lets you watch and keep track of the markings from the side as well as the back. It is calibrated to 100 yards.


  • Great for shooting long-range distances with the 100 yardage compensation.
  • Durable and damage-resistant components.
  • Ensures that you have a longer service life in a lot of hunting seasons.
  • Allows you to control 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability.
  • Quiet and noiseless operation of the sight to not alert prey.


  • shing holes could be improved.
  • Not so great for short-range shots.

Also Great: Axion Archery 3 Pin Soul Hunter

Axion Archery 3 Pin Soul Hunter

Quite different from the black and grim colored pin sights that you have been seeing so far is this pin sight from Axion. This isn’t camoed even, but a bright pink! Now you may think that when looking to hide from the prey, this may not be the best choice. In that case, you can select the Topoint Archery 3 Pin Sight or the IQ Ultralite Pin, both of which are excellent for hiding your bow and yourself in low-light conditions.

But if obscurity is not what you are seeking, this bow sight is a basic yet efficient model! It also comes in multiple colors so bright pink can easily be switched for any other sight.

Key Features 

  • Easy setup: Since this sight comes with laser-etched markings on the tape, these are very easy to set up when you have decided on the yardage distance.
  • Target sighting: On the pin guard, you have a Glo-ring. This ring ensures that the 3 fiber optic is highly supported when it comes to lighting and brightness. Along with the rheostat blue sight light, you can shoot in different lighting conditions quite easily.
  • Adjustability: The windage and elevation adjustments on the sight is very convenient. So you can shoot from different angles after you have fixated on the prey. On top of that, when you make use of the staggered mounting holes, you get better adaptability to your shooting style from this sight.


  • Comes in a lot of color options.
  • Very easy and convenient to set up the site.
  • Fits different shooting styles and needs of archers and bowhunters.
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed users.
  • Solid construction made of aluminum.


  • Not for pro users.
  • Does not come with 3rd axis adjustment.

Best Compensation: Hha Sports Optimizer Lite

Hha Sports Optimizer Lite

Looking for a sight that is tried, tested, and revered for its glory and performance? The last product on the list from HHA sports, the Optimizer Lite, has won numero uno spot for 10 consecutive years and hence ticks all three of the boxes! Popular for its functionalities, this is one of the best single-pin sights. But what exactly makes it so? 

To begin, the Optimizer features a strong build and high-quality materials such as the CNC machined aluminum which goes in the overall frame. Add to this the RDS or Range Dial Shoot technology and you will know why the accuracy is unbeatable! Just zero in on your pins and you can expect excellent accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Distance Compensation: In 5-yard increments, you can shoot your target between 20-80 yards long distances with the dial-in compensation. All you have to do is a sight in between 20-60 yards and with the help of the sight tape, yardage adjustments will happen in mere moments!
  • Wrapped Fiber: There are 2 feet of optic fiber on this sight. As a result, you can shoot in different lighting conditions no matter in which location you are hunting. 
  • Sight Tapes: As mentioned in the first feature, this perfect sight comes with a calibrated sight tape. So when you are busy focusing on the leaping deer, you don’t need to do hard calculations in your head as the tape will let you aim precisely.


  • Lightweight construction that lasts long.
  • Customizable to suit your shooting style as a hunter.
  • Extremely visible pins with a good amount of lighting.
  • Can be used by both 3d shooters and hunters.
  • Tool-free elevation adjustment is very convenient on the field for long-range shots.


  • Made for beginner needs in bowhunting.
  • Needs better windage sockets.

Why 3- Pin Hunting Bow Sights Are Better

3 pin bow sights are usually considered better because you get perfect yardage from them. For a distance of 40-50 yards, nothing can beat this amount of pin numbers. So when the main goal of yardage is reached, archers hardly need more than that! But it does feel better to have other benefits, right?

3 pin sights allow you to enjoy the benefit of a large field of vision. They also allow you great adjustability. And all of this comes with the added advantage of no cluttering, which is highly appreciated by beginner archers looking for a multi pin option and even advanced archers who don’t want too many pins.

Another advantage of 3 pin bow sights is the speed. Shots can be taken pretty quickly, irrespective of the length of adjustments. So when you need a fast backup, 3-pin archery sights are a good way to go!

How 3-Pin Slider Sights Work

If you know about the working method of fixed pin bow sights, you already know about the working method of 3 pin slider sights. However, as the name suggests, unlike the fixed pin sights, the slider sight can be slid up and down the bow and the mounting position.

So if you want to place it farther from you and closer to the target you can do that, and vice versa. All of this is the credit of the long armbars that slider sights come with.

This is how the sight slides or works. But what does the pin do? Three of the pins act as markers or pointers that can give you an accuracy of distance. As your target moves closer from or towards you, you pick the pin and its corresponding distance to shoot the target.

Adjusting A 3-Pin Bow Sight

To adjust a 3 pin bow sight, all you need to do is follow the steps below, and you will have the perfect sequence to a well-mounted bow!

  1. Start at 20 yards distance then gradually with 5/10 yard increments, choose your distances for setting up the pins.
  2. Set up the 3 pins at say, 30, 40, and 50 yards, or pick a specific range for yourself where you will be naturally shooting.
  3. With these unadjusted pins, shoot your first arrow group. Adjust your pin according to the target. With each movement of the arrow groups in the upper or lower region of the bullseye, move and adjust your pins until they are aligned with your arrow groups.
  4. Once the alignment of a pin is done, switch to the next one and adjust till you get tight groups and your pin is in line with the group, and you’re done!

3-Pin vs 5-Pin Sights

When it comes to 3-pin sights, you get 3 fixed or movable pins on the bow sight. If all three are not of the same category, you can have two fixed and one movable pin, or even two movable and one fixed pin, depending on the brand and the manufacturer.

Comparing this with 5 pin sights, here the pin number is obviously in 5s, and the number and size of fixed and movable pins vary. What separates 5 pins sights from 3 pin sights is the adjustability, the brightness, and the cluttering. For properly shooting the gap, you should prefer 3 pin sights. But if you want extra yardage, you should pick from 5 pin sights.

If you want to save yourself from choosing the wrong anchor point, 3 pin options are always best.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best 3 Pin Bow Sight for Hunting

Now, you know bow hunting requires you to shoot in under 60 yards. Even in competitions and target practicing, you don’t need to shoot longer distances. However, you may be quired to hit moving and still targets in both scenarios.

A 3 pin sight can strike the balance well in all of these situations. So knowing how to buy one is important. 

Pin Size

As you saw in this list, most sights had a pin size of 0.019 inches. However, it is possible to have pin sizes between 0.010 to 0.020 inches, depending on the brand and the specifications of the sight. So this is a good range to opt for.

Adjustability of Pins

Now you have two different kinds of pin sights: fixed or single pin sights that need a lot of less work and automatically adjust things for you. There are movable single-pin sights too, but those don’t offer you a long-range shooting distance, which multiple pin sights do. In the latter, you also have the advantage of being able to pick any pin that matches your target’s distance instead of having to adjust things or giving up because it is beyond your reach.

Micro Adjustments

When it comes to micro-adjustments, having a sight that allows adjusting in the 2nd and 3rd axis is always effective, as you can shoot from different plains and heights with it. And if it is toolless instead of needing Allen wrenches, even better!

Bubble Level

This comes integrated into the sight and helps in canting. When shooters have issues with the direction and leaning of the bow, it is the bubble level that guides and adjusts for them. So buy a sight that has an integrated level.


At what distances should I set my 3 pin sight?

It depends on you. You can select them at 10/5 yard increments starting at 20 yards and ending at 30/40 yards.

How many pins do I need in practicing archery?

Again, it is suited to your preference. For a less cluttered option and hitting the shooting gap better, 3 pins are the best.

What does everyone think about the 3-5 pin vs 1 pin sight?

For moving targets, the multi-pin option is always better. But when you want less clutter and if you don’t know how to adjust well, single-pin sight is better for you.

Are single pin sights good for hunting?

Of course! They are convenient to work with as you do not need to readjust your target for every possible occasion.

Why don’t I lose depth perception when closing one of my eyes?

All the thanks to our brain that takes visual cues. So even if you close one eye, you know you are seeing it small because it is far away from you, so you can hit without losing the perception of depth.

Final Thoughts

And this brings us to the end of the discussion on the best 3 pin sight! As you have seen, the best one out there is the IQ Bowsights Pro Hunter RH that comes with the iconic Retina Lock technology for consistency, high-profile adjustability to shoot in different target distances, and robust construction. 

As for the challenger, you have the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight that comes with the legendary React Technology for mathematically precise adjustments, easy setup, and a hybrid build featuring steel and aluminum.

Don’t forget to mention which one of the two has your archery clock ticking!

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