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The main priority for hunters all over the globe is to keep their hunting gears and equipments safe and sound. Even allowing a scratch to appear on their favorite equipment can be the worst nightmare for them. 

Taking safety and maintenance into consideration, we are going to review some of the best bow cases on the market now that you will definitely want to get your hands on. 

We will be including pros and cons to each individual product so our readers get a totally honest review of what they might be investing into long-term wise. Be sure to stick around the end for a convenient buying guide and frequently asked questions section. 

Factors to Consider

First let us take a look at some of the factors to consider whenever placing an order for a case for your bow. 

Type of Bow

This should obviously be the first factor for any hunter to consider when purchasing a bow case. Your type of bow could be a cross bow, recurve bow, compound bow, etc. Only buy a case meant for your type of bow.


This is another important factor. You would not want to be stuck with a rather small bow case for your equipment. At the same time, a larger than necessary case will also prove to be of unnecessary disturbance for you during transportation. 


Kind of similar to the previous factor, you need to keep in mind the storage of a bow case. It is sort of useless if the bow case cannot be kept in a safe and appropriate place in the first place. You do not want the case that is meant to keep your beloved equipment safe to start rusting away instead. 


Most people will spend an unnecessary amount of cash in order to purchase a bow case that does not even provide the basic necessities. Know that expensive does not always mean top quality. Research more and spend wisely. 

Anyways let us not waste any more time and start reviewing the products!

1. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

For our first product on this list we are here with an impressive bow case manufactured by the famous brand Plano. 

Constructed with industrial strength materials, this best bow case features an impressive PillarLock system, which works to keep all the contents inside in one place. Hunters can make use of this feature to customize every bow configuration.

Covered with pluck foam, you can rest assured all your bow equipments and additional gears will stay safe and sound inside the case. 

This black bow case with bright yellow handles and sides is also very visually appealing as well as being strong and sturdy at the same time. 

The best thing about this amazing bow case is that it is not heavy at all. In fact, it has a super light weight of only 22.7 grams! The dimensions of this product are 43 x 19 x 7.5 inches (exterior) and 41 x 17 x 7 inches (interior).


  • Light weight
  • Strong and sturdy industrial body
  • Heavy duty built.


  • A bit pricey. 

2. Allen Company Compound Bow Case Black Gear Fit X

For our second product of the day we are going to review this fantastic compound bow case manufactured by the brand Allen Company.

This black-grey bow case/bag comes with a padded shoulder strap to provide its users with better mobility and comfort. The rubber handle on the case/bag is very durable and enhances portability. 

On the inside of this best bow case, you will find ten additional pockets where you can store away all your extra bow features such as arrows, broad-heads, etc. This is amazing because you do not need to purchase an additional arrow tube holder. You will be saving a lot of money at the same time too. The tie-down straps on the inside will hold your equipments down in place.

The case has a light weight of only 4.75 pounds and interior dimensions of 40.5 x 15.5 inches in total. 


  • Budget friendly
  • Soft material
  • Easy organizing.


  • The interior pockets are unfortunately not too large. 

3. Allen Company Youth Compact Bow Case

Coming in with two different colors to choose from, we are back with another best bow case for the money with this Allen Company product. 

This budget friendly product has an extremely light weight of only a pound, with exterior dimensions of 41 x 13 inches in total. This super light weight bow case is great for hunters who like to be constantly on the move. 

The dense padded foaming on this bow case makes sure your favorite hunting gears stay in mint condition all year round. For casual accessorizing, you will find two additional pockets on the inside of this best light weight bow case. 

You will be glad to know that this best bow case also features a convenient handle made of soft rubber for portability. You will not feel any kind of strain when carrying this amazing bow case.


  • Very light weight product
  • Comes with a convenient rubber handle for carrying
  • Budget friendly bow case.


  • Some customers claimed the size is not ideal for bows larger than 35 inches axle to axle. 

4. Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black

If you want to invest into a solid bow case instead of one that resembles a bag, then this is the bow case you should be going for. 

Designed to keep its contents inside safe and sound, this bow case has been constructed with extremely thick walls and a crush resistant patented Pillar Lock System which works to keep all your contents inside safe and sound, no matter what impact this case goes under. 

The rubberized seal on this best bow case prevents water and dust from penetrating into the case. This bow case has a loaded quiver storage with elastomeric retainers for arrows and extra gears. You will not have to buy an extra arrow tube holder. 

The holding straps will keep your bow and additional gears inside intact in place. Weighing only 22.7 grams, this light weight product has interior and exterior dimensions of 46.5 by 16 by 6.75 inches and 48 by 20.75 by 7.5 inches respectively. 


  • Very light weight
  • Weatherproofed sealing
  • Crush-resistant.


  • This bow case is slightly expensive.

5. 30-60 Outdoors 46 inches Promo Bow Case Black

Back with another bow case/bag, the 46 inches Promo Bow Case comes in a simple and solid black color to choose from.  

Made of really strong water resistant nylon material, this double stitched compound bow case will make sure you do not have to worry about any wear and tear.

With more than 2330 cubic inches for storage space, this roomy bow case can easily accommodate bows of almost any size and built with ease. You will be glad to know that this amazing bow case will not require you to spend more money as it already lets you store your arrows in it. 

For portability, the soft rubber handles and heavy duty zippers make transportation a piece of cake. This bow case has a light weight of only 1.9 pounds and dimensions of 46 x 2 x 16.5 inches in total. 


  • Very light weight bow case
  • Easy to carry around
  • Budget friendly.


  • You cannot separately organize your hunting gears with this bow case as it only comes with one exterior pocket. 

6. Plano Manta Crossbow Case

This Plano Manta Crossbow Case allows customers to choose from a range of 5 different sizes for purchase. There is a size for everyone here!

Constructed with the patented Pillar Lock System, this crossbow case provides users with crush resistant strength and enhanced weatherproofing. This crossbow case has dimensions of 38.3 x 13.1 x 33.1 inches in total. 

However, the adjustable tall stock feature on this casing allows you to contract or expand the case up to 11 more inches. This feature lets you customize this best bow case to whichever size you want, allowing you to store crossbows of any kind. 

Padded with high density foam, this crossbow case features soft rubber handles for easy and comfortable transportation. 

This best crossbow case has quiver and bolts storage so you can easily carry extra gears and hunting equipments with you. You will not have to buy an additional arrow tube holder, hence saving a lot of extra cash!


  • Moderate weight
  • Made of hard, scratch resistant plastic
  • Impressive protection.


  • This product can be quite expensive.

7. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case Black

Constructed of really high quality ABS Shell complete with stylish embossing, this incredible bow case provides users with the highest quality protection. 

The impressive and stylish embossing also works to add extra structural support to the lid of the bow case. The 8 point interlocking system on this bow case makes sure nothing ever falls out of it.

The lockable bolt-draw sturdy metal latches prevent dirt and water from seeping into the case. The soft and plush EPS inserts on this best bow case are there to provide optimal impact resistance. 

The arrow system of this bow case is made of high end water-jet cut polyethylene foam. This incredible material ensures that the contents inside of the bow case always stay in one place, hence reducing chances of unnecessary friction which could lead to scratch marks.

With a weight of approximately 11 pounds, this bow case has internal dimensions of 39 x 15 x 6 inches in total. 


  • EPS inserts for impact resistance
  • Strong metal draw-bolt latches.


  • The bow case is not too budget friendly.

8. SouthWest Archery Universal Takedown Recurve Bow Case

This impressive upgraded takedown recurve bow case is made of really high quality polyester fabric which makes the entire product resistant to wear and tear.

With a larger interior and three roomy interior pockets, store away any sized bow and extra gears in this best bow case. This affordable bow case features a hard and strong plastic arrow tube. This means you will not have to spend extra money to purchase an arrow tube. How ergonomic is that?

On the front of this bow case you will find yet another pocket where you can store away other archery accessories such as tabs, stringers, gloves, etc. If you want, you can also store your mobile phone and water bottle in that pouch. 

You will find two rubberized hand straps and a shoulder strap on this best recurve bow case for easy transportation. The internal dimensions of this bow case are 31 x 12 x 3 inches in total. 


  • Light weight
  • Organized compartments
  • Budget friendly.


  • The arrow holder is apparently a bit too compact. 

9. Kratarc Archery Light weight Rolled-Up Takedown Recurve Bow Case

Coming in with two different colors to choose from, this impressive recurve bow case is made of really soft yet durable and breathable fabric for construction. 

The inside of this bow case is made of scratch and wear-tear resistant fabric. The internal measurements of this bow case are 28.6 x 7 inches in total. 

This compact bow case features multiple convenient pockets for storing additional equipments such as bolts, stringers, tabs, etc. The arrow tube on the back of this bow case can be adjusted with the straps on it. 

Transportation is a piece of cake with this light weighted recurve bow case. The size of the case is a little over 29 inches or so in total. The light weight of this best bow case makes sure that transportation does not cause you any strain. 


  • Soft and durable construction material
  • Additional storage room for extra accessories
  • Round and roomy arrow holder
  • Budget friendly.


  • Some people just found the logo on the bow case to be a little icky. 

10. 30-60 Outdoors Shadow Takedown Recurve Bow Case Black

For our last product on this best bow case review, we are going to take a look at yet another bow case manufactured by 30-60 Outdoors, called Shadow Takedown Recurve Bow Case.

This best bow case is made of really durable and strong Cordura material. There are also internal and external pouches where you can store your extra gears. This amazing material is known to be scratch and tear resistant so you can make use of this impressive weather even under the harshest weather conditions. 

Keep your bow limbs safe and intact with the help of the Velcro limb sleeves closure. There is also an extra rubberized carrying handle at the bottom of the bow case to provide users with comfortable transportation. 

The dimensions of this bow case are 38 x 2 x 10 inches in total, with a total weight of only 1.1 pound! 


  • Very light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately you will have to purchase an arrow tube holder separately for this bow case. 


It does not matter if you are a seasoned archer or not, almost anyone can get duped during their purchase for a bow case. However, there are a few pointers to always keep in mind whenever placing an order for a bow case. 

These key features can act as a total game changer for you if you know which one to look out for. For pros and amateur archers alike, we are going to note down some of the key features you need to keep in mind whenever researching about a bow case for yourself or for your loved ones. 

So without further ado, let us take a look at some of the factors you need to look out for whenever placing an order for a bow case.

The type of bow 

This is an absolute no brainer but also one of the most important questions to ask yourself when looking out for a bow case. There are different types of bows which brings us to the fact that there are also different types of bow cases. 

Only a complete amateur who has never even tiptoed into the world of archery before would opt to buy a crossbow case for a recurve bow. Does that make sense to you? If it does not, then congratulations! You are on the right path of bow case shopping. 

Your mode of transportation

This factor is not always thought of when shopping for bow cases. Always make sure to plan out how and where you will be going for hunting. This means to decide if you will be travelling by a car, an airplane or simply by walking. 

If you know you will be travelling to your hunting spot via a pick-up truck through a rocky terrain, it will be unwise to opt for a bag like case for your bow. Go for strong and hard shelled plastic cases if you will be travelling through terrains as mentioned before.

TSA Approved

If you know you have to take an airplane to your hunting destination, then make sure beforehand that your choice of bow case is TSA approved. This means you can carry your bow case and the contents inside with you on a plane.

TSA approved bow cases will also need to feature locks and latches to keep the contents safely tucked away inside and prevent them from falling out of the case, no matter what circumstances arise. 

The best thing about TSA approved bow cases is that your beloved archery equipments will be totally safe from the manhandling done by those baggage carriers we all like to hate on!


If you like to travel light and easy, then go for a bow case which does not sport a heavy weight itself. Light weighted bow cases are an advantage because they seem to not feel heavy even if the equipments inside weigh a lot. 

It is a plus point if your choice of bow case also comes with rubberized shoulder and handles straps for easy and comfortable transportation in case you decide to walk the entire way. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that we have completed reviewing the products and also reached the end to our informational buying guide, let us now take a look at some of the queries a lot of customers have regarding bow cases in general.

1. How many arrows can be carried in a bow case?

This actually depends on the size and features of the bow case itself. A lot of large cases can carry up to only 5-6 arrows whereas some small bow cases can even accommodate up to 12 arrows at once. 

Depending on the manufacturer and the features present in their bow case models, we can come up with an average number of 10 arrows being able to fit in a bow case. However, as stated before, this number can change depending on the brand and its products specifications. 

2. What is an arrow case called?

There is a thing called a quiver that not necessarily only holds arrows. This quiver can actually hold other additional gears such as darts, javelins, etc. For transportation, the quiver can be carried on the back of a bow case, on the body of the archer or can be placed on the ground depending on the kind of archery taking place. 

3. What are some of the best bow cases on the market now?

We have already tried to note down some of the best bow cases on the market now namely Plano, Southwest Archery, Allen Company, etc.

4. How many arrows can I shoot in a day?

In order to become better than you already are as an archer, practice shooting around 70-90 arrows at least 5-6 times in a week. 

5. What are some of the bow case types?

There are hard cases and soft cases people can choose from for an archery bow. Soft cases are a smart choice if you like to stick around one specific area for shooting, while hard cases are better for heavy duty performances, or if you like to travel around a lot and know your equipments could need some external protection. 


So there you have it! We have reviewed some of the best bow cases on the market now. Most of the bow cases mentioned are also really budget friendly, so there is a little something for everyone! Thank you for taking your time to read through this article! 

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