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Whether you are a novice archer who has just started to learn and practice in front of the bullseye or 5-time ASA Shooter of the Year, you would realize the importance of the best bow sights. But there’s one more thing that bears special importance to you and most other aspiring shooters: the budget.

When hundreds (if not thousands) of contemporary archers are willing to spend every penny to be top-of-the-line shooters, what’s in a budget? 

Even if you don’t have one, not all of you will be shooting long ranges or suffer rough terrains and dense forests for a hunt all the time. So, to help you start off on a simple yet effective note, here are 10 of the best bow sights under 100, picked on the basis of different pin styles, adjustability, build and lighting without compromising on the standard. Let’s check out the lineup!

Top Picks

Best Multi-Pin Sight: IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight-“Undeniably one of the best multi-pin sights in the market that focuses on accuracy and is good for all levels.”

Best Value for Money: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series Bow Sight-“You will get every value of your money invested in this for the exciting features and robust construction of the perfect bow sight TSX Pro.”

Best Pendulum Sight Under 100: TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight-“If you like to switch up your aiming styles, no pendulum sight will let you do it with its two setting capacities best at this price range.”

Best Single Pin Bow Sight Under 100: HHA Optimizer Lite 3019-“Moderately premium but totally awesome for its customization, build and adjustability.”

Most Accurate Bow Sight Under 100: Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight-“For the greatest accuracy in long range hunting and shooting, there’s no match for the Trophy Ridge fixed pin bow sight.”

Best Budget: Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight-“One of the best 5 pin bow sights with multiple pin configurations that can help you to shoot longer distances.” 

Easiest to Set Up: Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight-“If you want your setup of a bow sight to be as easy and fun as shooting arrows, try the adjustable sight that is super good even without any fancy features.” 

Best Bow Sight for Target Shooting: Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight-“Precision shooting your target has never been easier with a hybrid bow sight, and that too on a budget!”

Best Left-handed Bow Sight: Trophy Ridge Pursuit 1-Pin Left/Right Hand Black Bow Sight

“For the left-handed shooters who never seem to find the best sight of them all that fits the bill, here is the chosen best from Trophy Ridge.”

Product Reviews on the Best Bow Sights Under 100

For the best bow sight on a budget, here is a collection of 10 of the best bits in the market. While definitely, these are not the only ones under 100 dollars, these are surely the ones worth it!

Best Multi-Pin Bow Sight: IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight

IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight

As an archer, what is the one thing that is gold to you or at least should be gold to you? Form and consistency. There is not a single archer willing to compromise in these two no matter what amount they need to spend on the sight. 

But if you find a bow sight under 100 dollars that help you improve your form (of course, with practice), will you not scream at the top of your lungs? IQ Bowsight’s 3 or 5 multi-pin option makes it easy like a piece of cake.

And this is exactly what makes the sight great for every-level, novice to pro, aspirant to competitive archers. And there are more exciting features too!

Key Features

  • Retina Lock Technology: With the help of this muscle-memory controlling technology, your form, consistency and hold is remembered from the frequent practices. As a result, you can use both shoots in tighter groups and up to 40 yards of distance with accuracy. And when the anchor point or torque changes, you get instant feedback from the sight.
  • Micro Adjustments: The tool-free adjustments let you precisely make the windage and elevation adjustment for your shot without compromising them upon unexpected falls. So depending on where you are shooting from, treestand or not, you get to customize it.
  • Dual Mount: Since there are two mounting positions on the sight, you can pick between your shooting style and switch around a couple of inches to find the sweet spot for the 


  • A split second of glance is enough to ensure that you are locked on.
  • Excellent choice for both beginners and advanced shooters.
  • Extremely easy to realize your poor techniques with this sight with the slightest tweak in your grip or wrist.
  • True sight and retinal eye alignment ensure precise aiming without peep sights.
  • Gives you the better placement of the pins on the target.


  • Needs you to allow the pins to set on the spot.
  • You need some time to fit the mounting bracket to your bow.

Editor’s Pick: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series Bow Sight

TRUGLO TSX Pro Series Bow Sight

When you are putting in 100 dollars on the table, you already know that you will be sacrificing on some high-ranking features. But the trouble or sadness goes away a little when every penny invested comes back in the features and benefits, right?

 The TSX Pro by Truglo is worth 100 dollars (and some say more) when it comes to fitting some of the best specs. Let’s check them out.

Now, the second one on the list is by Truglo. How does it compare to the IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight? It has the same 3 or 5 pin variation and rheostat lighting adjustability. But in the place of the legendary Retina Lock, you have the Tru Touch here.

Key Features:

  • Tru Touch: You get a softer, tough and quieter performance from the sight, thanks to the TT. In fact, the technical coating is such a plus that in the middle of shooting, if something collides with the sight, it remains noiseless, without you alerting the prey.
  • Tube Pin: You get two things at once here: brightness and durability with the help of the unique tube pin made of stainless steel on this sight.
  • Circular scope: Thanks to the circular scope of a 1.9-inch diameter on the model, you get a large field of vision on it. This, along with the glow-in-dark shooter’s ring, lets you enjoy a visible and wide field.


  • Features a robust yet lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Adjustable rheostat lighting makes it easier to adjust the brightness.
  • Strong and high-quality materials are used in the construction of the sight.
  • Easy to use by both left and right-handed shooters.
  • Can be mounted easily in under 10 minutes.


  • Bubble level could have been inside the sight ring.
  • Not the best rheostat light.

Best Pendulum Sight Under 100: TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight

 TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight

Since this one is an all-rounded list of the nest bow sights under 100 dollars, it should include all different kinds of sights, right? 

This is why there is a pendulum sight for hunters needing something for ground hunting. The single, swiveling pendulum adjusts itself automatically with the help of gravity, even when you are on the vertical plane, increasing the chances of a precision contact point.

So even when you are firing your arrows from a tree stand, you can expect it to hit the center of the target, also making one the best single-pin sight out there. Easy to adjust and easier to mount, this pendulum sight works great to help you make accurate shots. 

Key Features:

  • Wrapped Fiber Optics: These ensure that you can hit the target even at low light. And if this doesn’t help, the adjustable rheostat lighting like you have seen in both the IQ Bowsights and TRUGLO TSX Pro Series Bow Sight will help you to adjust the lighting further and line up the pin in the center.
  • Yardage Tape: You also get pre-printed yardage tapes on the sight. This lets you focus on the pin adjustment without making calculations in the head, as it is done already!
  • Distance Compensation: If you are shooting within 35 yards, the sight will automatically adjust itself and compensate for the distance. You don’t need to waste your time trying to adjust the sight and its settings.


  • Can be comfortably used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters.
  • Durable construction that suits all kinds of weather.
  • Very quiet performance that does not alert prey.
  • CNC–machined aluminum construction ensures the durability of the sight.
  • Great choice for bow hunting.


  • Over tightening the screw with poor technique may cause damage to the sight.
  • Sight lights need replacement batteries.

Best Single Pin Bow Sight Under 100: HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

Awarded for its performance and recommended for its functionalities, this popular pick had to make it to any list that would boast of including one of the best single pin sights under 100 dollars. 

More versatile than most regular fixed pin sights, the Optimizer features an excellent build and quality materials. Just add it to your bow, and you’ll have deadly accurate results!

Now with the blasting features of the TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight that also featured a single pin and toolless adjustments with yardage tape and all, why would this be rivaled and defeated by HHA’s fixed pin sight?

 First off, this is a standard sight and not for treestands only. Also, to answer this, you should take a look at the rest of the features.

Key Features:

  • Distance Compensation: You can sight in between 20-60 yards long distances here. However, as opposed to 35 yards of compensation, you get 20-80 yards of dial-in compensation! With yardage adjustments happening in seconds and excellent visibility backing you up, this had to be the champion over Truglo.
  • Wrapped Fiber Optic: You get 2 feet of optic fiber length on the high-quality sight. This fully protected fiber optics on this sight lets you engage in hunting whether you are a dusk shooter or a dawn shooter. 
  • Sight Tapes: If you want to save your time on the field without entering hard calculations, the sight tapes included in the sight will let you aim, shoot and bag home your prey within 30 minutes, thanks to the pre-calibrated sight tapes, making it quicker than Truglo.


  • Lightweight yet strong construction that will last you years of hunting.
  • Can be customized to perfection as you pay more.
  • Comes with spacers that let you mount quivers on your crossbow without separate investments.
  • Easy to focus on when you are aiming.


  • More suited to beginners than advanced users.
  • Windage pin sockets need improvement.

Most Accurate Bow Sight Under 100: Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Let the name not fool you! Although the name is the Fix Series, it has 5 pin options. Anyway, so what makes this such a great hit? 

The answer lies in 6 words; there is an adjustment for everything. It is equipped with 3 tools: ultra-bright .019-inch, horizontal fiber optic pins; rheostat light as well as a green hood accent ring, giving you highly adjustable light settings.

When you buy such a sight where you can adjust and micro-adjust everything from the pin sighting to the lights, the visibility, the screws and shots, you can have a highly customized aim. 

Not to mention, highly accurate aim as well, since you have put so much effort in the adjustments. Just remember not to fall victim to too much adjustment!

Key Features:

  • Adjustment: The micro-adjustable pins on the model brings 2 things into play here: toolless micro-adjustment for windage and elevation and a super specialty, not even the others could provide you with: 2nd axis adjustment, resulting in extreme accuracy as seen in the React Technology by Trophy Ridge.
  • Visibility: Whether you are in a place where the light changes are frequency due to changing weather, or you are shooting at low light, you get a good amount of visibility here.
  • Construction: The aluminum mounting plate adds to the sturdiness of the model, making it durable as well.


  • Excellent choice for casual shooters and any beginner in bowhunter.
  • Very easy to set up and works best with Diamond compound bows.
  • Right bow sight for shooting 3d targets in low light conditions.
  • All pins come in the same sizes without being too crammy for your field of vision.
  • Makes sightings easy with better adjustment tools than any sight.


  • For right-handed users only.
  • Battery-powered fiber optics.

Best Budget: Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Since this list totally focuses on the budget sights, you may think how can this one be particularly mentioned for this benefit? Here’s the answer. 

You’re looking for the best bow sight under 100 dollars, right? What if you found the best bow sight under 50 dollars? The Volt 5 pin is such an inexpensive sight that it will save the budget of your budget!

But only the price does not sell everything, does it? This will make spending the dollars worth it, but unlike most sights that are good with one hand only, this can be used by both left and right-hand bow hunters like the TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight.

Since this is a multiple pin sight, there are 5 ultra-bright pins on it. These fiber optic pins ensure that you have optimal visibility before you attempt to take the shot in low lights.

Key features:

  • Compact: At just 0.,52 pounds, the compact design of the sight is very easy to install and put to use. And without compromising the compactness, you can personalize or customize it using the offset mounting holes too!
  • Bubble Level: Even before you start to fire your shot, the bubble level completes the alignment of the target and the pin for you. So you can make precision shots most of the time.
  • Green Hood Accent: Do you have issues in sight acquisition? If you previously had issues with the acquisition and alignment, with the help of this hood accent that is easy on the eyes, you can effortlessly do it now!


  • Features a reversible mount design.
  • Lightweight construction featuring laser-etched aluminum.
  • Windage, elevation and laser-etched markings ensure detailed adjustments.
  • Maintains visibility in changing lights of the day.
  • Soft to touch, so you are less prone to injuries.


  • Battery-operated sight.
  • Needs extra tools to adjust.

Easiest to Set Up: Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

For some people, the easiest it is to set something up, the sooner they will buy it. 

An expert archer friend of ours would not even look at a sight with the most blazing features because it took him an entire day of trial and error before he got the mounting right, let alone the adjustments. Ever since then, he is on the hunt for quick setups. Are you too?

If time is money, then you will definitely be spending less money on this model by Trophy Ridge called the Joker. Because it takes very little time to install, and that’s no joke! 

Priced at even less than the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Sight, it still has some of its best features, being quite similar to it, except lagging in one option. Let’s find out what.

Key features:

  • 4 Pins: Yes, you guessed it. Instead of 5 pins like the Volt 5, this one has 4 ultra-bright fiber optic pins. So for those who want more pins but just not that one extra pin, it can offer a good amount of brightness to the aiming.
  • Reversible Brackets: Similar to the Volt 5, you can be both left-handed or right-handed and still make good use of it, thanks to the reversible brackets. These change as the orientation of your hands changes.
  • Multiple Mounts: You can customize your mounting option on the bow because it comes with multiple mount holes, making it suitable for people with different shooting styles.


  • Quality sight that includes installed bubble levels that give you precise aiming.
  • Comes with a green hood accent to let you acquire sights easily.
  • Versatile enough for multiple shooting styles.
  • Extremely reasonable.
  • Maintains visibility for those who want to shoot in the dusk or darker hours.


  • Has a little right-hand bias, as reported by some users.
  • More of a backup sight than the main sight.

Best Bow Sight for Target Shooting: Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight

Truglo Carbon Hybrid Sight

Do you want to create a lightweight yet durable setting for yourself? 

Then there are no matches in the best hybrid bow sights quite like the Truglo Carbon Hybrid. If you had been impressed by the 2nd axis adjustment capability of the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight, but got saddened that it had no 3rd axis adjustment, it is your time to rejoice!

You would be beyond excited to learn that this one comes with both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, giving you the ability to make precision shots without feeling the weight of the sight on the bow at all!

Key Features:

  • Installation: If being lightweight was not convenient enough to use this sight for bow hunting purposes, the ease of use also adds further to the benefit. You will find that the installation takes just a couple of minutes.
  • Less Vibrations: All the materials used on the sight feature a premium construction. Hence, the construction of the sight is such that it prevents any kind of vibration when you are using it. As a result of that, you get a more precise shot not bundled by exterior movements.
  • Mounting Brackets: To increase the sight radius, you get larger brackets on this one than other models. As a result, your sight has a lot of light entering it. With the help of this, along with the fibers, you get to increase the brightness and the clarity of the field of vision and can locate and target the prey very easily.


  • Made for both left and right-handed archers.
  • Has both normal and open adjustability that lets beginners, as well as advanced users, use it.
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction that is easy to carry when going for a long hunt.
  • You can take vertical shots with it using the reversible brackets.
  • Very wide field of view for target acquisition with decreasing pin design that doesn’t obscure targets as you go further away.


  • 30-40 yard range adjustment is not so easy.
  • Could provide better and superfine micro-adjust knobs.

Best Left-handed Bow Sight: Trophy Ridge Pursuit Black Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Black Bow Sight

Featuring premium construction and choice of materials in the making, on number 9 in the list you have the Pursuit from Trophy Ridge. Featuring Delrin bushings, the operation of the sight is quieter than that of the TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight.

Because in Pursuit, there is no metal-to-metal contact, letting you enjoy a quiet and smooth movement while hunting.

Now, although this is made for both left and right-handed users, yet you would be delighted to know as the latter that this is one of the best left-handed bow sights. But there are other features to it that also deserve mention. Let’s check them out! 

Key Features: 

  • Adjustable Vertical Indicator: With the help of the vertical indicator pin, you can dial in whatever yardage you need for a smooth and silent shooting experience in different environmental conditions, be it dry or wet.
  • Accuracy: You get go-indicator pins and rheostat light on the sight that help you to maintain the accuracy in both low lights and changing lights of the day throughout so that you get the best visibility and accuracy with the ultra-brightness from the pins.
  • Hitman Stabilizer: Besides the Delrin bushings, the Stabilizer feature helps you to create a balanced and noiseless hunt. Now you can cut down on both the vibrations and the noise.
  • Sync Arrow Rest: With the Sync Rest, your sight rests with your bow and arrow and is ready when you are. So this feature enables you to be ready at the perfect moment with your bow.


  • Hsa launcher arms that are laterally adjustable to finely tune your hit.
  • Gives a smooth and reliable draw cycle for a long time, unlike other bow sights.
  • Quick Connect system lets you quickly install and remove it for ease of transportation.
  • Comes with colored rings for personalization.
  • Simple overall construction featuring a bright pin.


  • Does not come with any instructions.
  • Does not have any yardage tape.

Most Durable Bow Sight: Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

And the list finally ends with the Black Gold Rush! Now, many might be thinking and even putting it out to you that you can’t expect durability from sight under 100 dollars. 

Put a finger out and shush them right on spot because this one is meant to last.

Now, two of the things that it combines include reliability and affordability. 

But there’s something else unique to this that helped it make its way to the list: it’s the brightness of the pins. Known for their exceptionally bright pins, the bow sight makes it very easy for you to see during the shooting hours, low-light conditions or not; you might almost think it has an internal light!

Key Features:

  • PhotoChromatic Shell: This is the housing for the fiber optic pins on sight. With the help of this technology, your sight adapts to the environment and the lighting conditions. So even when there is a lot of bright light as opposed to low light, the sight lets you see very clearly.
  • Machined Aluminium: You will feel the sturdiness of the building featuring machined aluminum. This makes sure that the sight doesn’t move even when bumped.
  • Interchangeability: The sight rings on this are all interchangeable, meaning that you can pick from 5 different colors (just like the Trophy Ridge Pursuit Black Bow Sight) and decide on which one suits you best, whether you are a pot shooter, a female archer, treestand hunter or anything. Just select the right sight housing, and you’ll be good to go. 


  • Offers the brightest pins under 100 dollars on any sight.
  • Customizable sight rings to suit your shooting styles to perfection.
  • Steadily holds onto the bow and does not move around.
  • Excellent pin visibility.
  • High quality materials were put to construct the sight.


  • Does not have any micro-adjustment knob that can be used on sight.
  • Pin screws need an upgrade.

What Should You Look for in a Bow Sight Under $100

If you have recently changed your old bow for a new one, your budget for the bow sight may be less. Assuming it is less than 100 dollars, besides opting for good quality construction, you can decide on the following factors before choosing one:

Shooting Style

Depending on whether you are a right-handed shooter or a left-handed one, the bow sight should be picked based on your shooting style. There are also models that are suited for both hands, like the TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Bow Sight.

Increasing Shot Distance

If you want to extend your shooting distance to beyond 40 yards, then you should pick a multiple-pin option. This not only lets you extend your shooting range but also helps in quick dial-ins. For longer distances, you should take more pins.

On-board Lighting

Including different combinations of fiber optic pins, rheostat lighting, and when and where possible, different sight rings act as different sources of onboard lighting that you can use to increase the brightness of the shot.

How The Proper Bow Sight Can Improve Your Shooting Skills

Using the right bow can help you improve your archery skills. There’s more that can be heightened by using the proper bow sight. Top 3 of them are mentioned below:

  1. Ability to aim at target: If you had been using instinctive aiming before, getting a bow sight will increase your aiming ability a lot, as you will have a guide.
  2. Increase confidence: Once you get the first few forms right, you will be improved consistently at your shots, boosting your confidence further to let you indulge more in archery.
  3. Accurate hits: As you make tighter groups on the bullseye using your sight, you hit accurately once you practice with it, and eventually without it!
  4. Precision distances: As the pins work in favor and do the extension and targeting for you, with the micro-adjust windage and elevation adjustments, you can make precise distances and markings.

Using Bow Sights vs. Using Instinctive Aiming

Using bow sights is very helpful when you know the distance between yourself/the sight and the target. Then all you need to do is align your sight pin on the target. But unless you practice thoroughly or have sights that allow distance compensation and keep muscle memory, it might be a little daunting at first. But everything improves much more upon adjustments and practices as you learn to judge distances.

On the other hand, instinctive aiming is when you hit the target with both eyes open, and instead of calculative measures, run on your instinct. This takes more advanced practice and is not really for beginners willing to take precision hits.

How Should You Sight in a Single Pin Bow Sight

To sight in your single pin bow sight, you need to work with one aiming pin as you work with different dials. Follow the steps here:

  1. Settle on the yardage you want to set, say at 30 yards.
  2. Walk away from your target using your rangefinder and get a record of the distance.
  3. Shoot 3 arrows centering the target, followed by another 2, trying to create a tight group.
  4. Remove the group, shoot a single arrow at the target group location. Now, adjust the sight in the direction and aiming point of the arrow you just shot, adjusting for left/right as it is. If you need to do both horizontal and vertical adjustments, make use of the tools on the sight.
  5. If you can’t form tighter groups, change your arrows or the shooting style, keep shooting and try to finalize on the one last target upon which you will base the sight. Then, tweak as required until you find the desired precision aim from the sight.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Budget Friendly Bow Sight

Before you buy a bow sight on a budget, be it 100 dollars or around it, knowing which points to look at is super important. Following is our no-fail guide to it.

Product quality

The quality of your sight should be decent, strong and durable. Even when you get a lightweight model, make sure that it will last long. Otherwise, the main reason why you went on a budget, the purpose will be totally defeated. Going for aluminum or carbon composite construction with hints of steel is always good.

Ease of use

If you have to tax your brains thinking about the setup, spend weeks for the right adjustment and ask for help everytime you take the sight on hand, it won’t be much help buying it. So make sure that it is convenient and easy to use.

Range of features

Each model and brands come up with their own range of features. It can be the React Technology that ensures precise calculations, the Retina Lock technology that controls muscle memory, the TruTouch for a soft, technical coating for noiseless operation or even the Hitman Stabilizer that gives you the ultimate balance. 

Finding a superior feature besides the standard ones is possible, even within budget, and the recommendations on the list prove the same.

Number of Pins

The pin configurations actually depend on your comfort as a hunter which a number of pins you want. Going for single-pin options often limits your distance extension, but for precision shots and hitting static targets, it is excellent. 

Again when you want to extend your distance, hit moving targets and utilize the benefit of DDP designs, you should go for multiple pin sights.


You could either go for manual adjustment or toolless adjustment or both in your sight. Some come with micro-adjustments on the vertical plane, while the others don’t. 

Even having 2nd axis and third axis adjustments lets you adjust the horizontal planes as well, giving you a highly precise targeting, like the Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight, proving that it is all possible within a budget!


Can I take part in an Archery Competition with a cheap bow sight?

Yes. If the features satisfy you and improve your consistency in shooting by increasing your accuracy, then definitely you can go for cheap sights as long as they meet legal shooting regulations.

Will a bow sight help me to make an accurate shot?

Yes. With the micro-adjustments and bright pins, you can make accurate shots with your bow sight.

How do single-pin bow sights work?

You dial the pin to the exact yardage that you want to shoot at, taking the help of the yardage tape and make your aim to hit the target.

What do I need to do to adjust my bow sights?

You need to do the windage and elevation adjustments by first shooting a target group and then shooting a single arrow to adjust the aiming point of the sight. Just follow our guide to help you with it!

Do I need any tools to help me to adjust my sight?

Not anything more than an Allen wrench and a leveler at best.

Final word

And that brings you to the end of the list for the best bow sights under 100! As you saw, the best one if you were looking for a multiple pin sight was the IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight for its versatile use, dual mount, micro-adjustment and legendary Retina Lock technology. 

And for single-pin options, nothing beats the  HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 for its up to 80-yard distance compensation, wrapped fibers and yardage tape for precision dial-ins. A challenger to them both could be the Truglo Carbon Hybrid Bow Sight for its lightweight and high-adjustability feature.

Don’t forget to tell us which of the 3 you liked best! From the fact that all these fit the budget, don’t be surprised if you buy all 3!

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