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If you’re up to getting your premium bows a protective cover, there are no alternatives to the best compound bow case, which is sturdy enough to withstand impacts and shield the bows from dust and dampness. 

Bows are delicate items. Archery bows must be kept in the most secure conditions so that they don’t lose their temper. 

Furthermore, taking the bow outside will always come with imminent danger of damage during hunting or target archery.

Moreover, each enthusiastic archer would have a natural inclination to care for his most beloved bows even if there aren’t many issues. 

So, for all the right reasons, you’d need a decent bow case if you own a quality bow! 

Top Pick

Best Performing Hard Case – Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case 

Flambeau’s Safe Shot has almost all the essential hard case features, with a stunning level of protection techniques that keep the bows safe inside. Yes, it’s the best performing hard case on the list!

Best Lightweight- Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Cases

Plano’s Parallel Limb Case is the lightest on the list. Despite the lightweight, it’s a hard case that provides sophisticated protection and offers plenty of storage compartments to house almost any bows and small accessories.

Best Dual-Stage Bow Case- SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

This one comes with a weight of 6.7 pounds in total, making it the heaviest on the list. With rugged padding and dual bow carrying capability, it’s one unique bow carrier built for special individuals! 

Best Soft Compound Bow Case- Legend – Apollo Compound Bow Case 

This soft case in the list should feature an out-of-the-world performance compared to the other soft cases. Rip-resistant, water repellent outer material and immense protection with highly padded construction, this great bow case can make an ideal soft case. 

Best Comfortable-Southland Archery Supply SAS 43

With a light build, padded handles, and sling, this Nylon case is something you can go ahead with for the utmost comfort and ease while hunting. 

Best Long Bow Case- Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow 

If you need a longer bow case to fit in lengthy bows, this 48 inches long case would fit in just right. This one can be an excellent add-on to your collection, along with the incredible crushproof design and lock security. 

Best Interior Safety- Plano SE Pro 44 Bow Case 

If you need to run and hunt with arrows and bows in this case, then this one would be an ideal pick. With intelligent tie-down straps, it makes sure all the items inside stay in one piece and offer decent interior protection even during a bumpy hike! 

Best Compound Bow Case Comparison Table

Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case 

Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case 

  • Best Performing Hard Case
Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Cases

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Cases

  • Best Lightweight
SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

  • Best Dual-Stage Bow Case

Best Compound Bow Case In Depth Review: 

As part of this highly detailed guide, we have compiled some quality bow cases with incredible safety properties. Let’s look at each of them in detail. 

1. Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case 

Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case

The first item that we’re going to talk about today is the Flambeau Outdoors. Let’s quickly scan this stunning piece of equipment and disclose its inner features. 

The first thing that we’d like to mention about this incredible piece is the toughened-up plastic shell. Like the Plano Parallel Limb Bows Case, this one has a hardened plastic build for better damage withstanding capability.  

The outstanding plastic shell comes with an internal lead base column which would absorb the impacts like a professional.

Another crucial thing is the complete snug fitting. 

If the recurve bow isn’t fitting inside tightly, it will shake around and can result in damage. 

But with this incredible bow case, the convoluted high-density foam interior bed comes with a thicker sort of foam setup that keeps all the things in place. 

Furthermore, this one comes with an incredible arrow rack as well. The internal lid arrow rack technology holds 12 carbon fiber arrows, so you can go out hunting with everything on board.

Moreover, this highly protected case comes with an outstanding four different lock holes for enhanced safety.

Finally, carrying the case has to have the minimum grip for ease of carrying. Well, this stunning piece comes equipped with a flexible carrying handle that would let you carry it without much difficulty. As a result, you can carry it for more extended periods without tiring. 

One thing that you may not like about this item is the weight. Being too large can weigh you down a bit. But keeping the minor issues aside, if you’re looking for the best compound bow hard case, this should be a decent and secure bow case you can go for any time! 


  • Weight: Coming at 2.2 pounds, it may seem a bit heavy for some
  • Color: Comes only in black color 
  • Material: A toughened version of plastic helps retain the strength 


  • A highly toughened plastic shell with exceptional components features incredible strength to defend against impacts 
  • The convoluted soft inner lining of foam for snugness 
  • Arrow rack lets you stay organized
  • Has a quality handle for extra grip
  • Can hold a dozen arrows


  • It can seem a bit too heavy with items inside 

2. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

At the 2nd spot, we have another highly sophisticated durable recurve bows case that can offer tremendous protection from all sides. 

Most of the bow case users complain about their dependency on particular bow sizes. 

Like the Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case, many bow cases only accept certain bows to be carried inside, making them extremely challenging to get different models to fit bows in. 

But the unique feature this one offers is customizability. You have the freedom to personalize how you’re going to carry the item. So, you don’t have to get stuck to a particular model to get it fitted inside. 

If you’re one of those security freaks, here is good news for you. In this extraordinary bow case, you also have a locking system with the case. As a result, you get enhanced security as nobody can get their hands on your bows easily. 

Another area of importance is arrow storage. One thing that you’d be glad to learn is that the arrow case can hold up to 17 arrows! 

So if you’re going out for an extended hunting season in the woods, this case alone can let you survive for long! 

The inner high-density foam may seem a bit flimsy under close inspection. But, considering the case, on the whole, this looks like a decent bow case that can sustain your hunting and practicing needs well! 


  • Item Dimensions: May seem a bit too large at 43 x 7.5 x 19 inches
  • Lightweight: Considering the larger build, the weight is relatively lower at 0.8 oz only! 
  • Color: Comes in black with Yellow handles 


  • A lightweight case helps you carry the case easily 
  • Offers plenty of room inside and isn’t restricted to a single bow model 
  • Allows customizability to fit arrows and bows in
  • A completely lockable case keeps the bow safe


  • The inner foam may seem a bit flimsy 

3. Plano SE Pro 44 Bow Case

Plano SE Pro 44 Bow Case

Here is another quality Plano case. It has a more curved design which contrasts the Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case’s squarish design. Let’s have a deeper look into the item. 

If you’re someone who loves to use smaller-sized modern compound bows and isn’t finding an equally smaller case for it, then here is something you can check. 

This one is constructed specially for men who like to use smaller bows. 

While you’re placing the bows inside, there is always the issue of security and snug-fitting. If it’s not tied down to the base of the case, the bows will remain insecure and shake while walking. It can also cause damage while remaining insecure inside. 

That’s why this incredible bow case comes with stunning tie-down straps. These straps can be used to secure the instruments down to the case floor, which will lock in the item and keep it firmly attached. So when you walk, you won’t feel a thing and reduce the possibility of internal damage. 

On top of that, it also has a professional Bow Max compartment available to store six arrows for your practice or hunting sessions. 

It also has dense padding from the interior foam. This foamed material is an incredible item that can absorb falls and impacts, offering better damage reduction. 

Storing the quiver can seem a bit challenging in this case. But keeping aside the slight issues, it’s a decent bow case you can go for! 


  • Item Dimensions: Comes at a moderate dimensions of 43.09″L x 15.3″W x 8″H. 
  • Type of Bow Support: It only supports compound bows 
  • Color: Comes in complete black without any contrasting colors 


  • Works well for smaller bows 
  • Tie-down straps to secure the tools well 
  • Bow Max arrow case holds arrows securely
  • Dense interior foam padding for damage reduction


  • Storing the quiver can be a bit difficult 

4. Plano Bow Case Black

Plano Bow Case Black

Plano is bringing some of the quality bow cases you can have. That’s why at the fourth spot, we have a longbow case you can be interested in. Let’s look at it in detail! 

Well, here is another hard case, similar to the Plano SE Pro 44 Bow Case and the like. 

If you want a sturdy case that works, then here is something you should check. Because this splendid case comes with intelligent engineering called the PillarLock system, a technology patented by Plano. This intelligent mechanism provides crush-resistant protection for lasting use! 

The interlocking foam also keeps the items inside secure. At the same time, the multi-stage lockable latches come with extraordinary security protocols, which wouldn’t let the bows get exposed to scammers and thieves. 

On top of all these, you have the sophisticated Elastomeric arrow storage capacity present in it. This quality add-on would let you store the arrows the way you want without many complications. 

Plus, you also get the feature of tie-down secure holding straps, which you can use to secure the additional tools for a neat case! 

One thing that you may get a bit frustrated with is the breaking of the inner straps. But with that being said, its strengths outnumber the weaknesses and would definitely be a quality item on your deck! 


  • Lightweight: Comes at a lighter weight of 0.8 oz
  • Item Dimensions: Comes with a regular dimension of 7.5 x 48 x 20.75 inches
  • Color: Comes in black only 


  • PillarLock system provides crushproof strength against damage
  • The interlocking foam keeps items safe and secure inside 
  • It can be kept locked for more protection 
  • Arrow storage for carrying arrows securely 


  • Internal straps may break due to pressure

5. Southland Archery Supply SAS 43-in Deluxe Compound Bow Case

Southland Archery Supply SAS 43-in Deluxe Compound Bow Case

Here at the fifth spot, we have another stunning item that can offer a credible carrying experience. Why are we talking about the carrying experience? Because unlike the Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black or the other similar cases mentioned, this is a nylon bag. So, this case is primarily constructed to give you a decent carrying experience instead of offering solid protection. 

The plastic counterparts were much durable and were able to withstand the outer impacts. But with this one, you’re not getting that. Instead, you get a reduced weight sacrificing strength. 

If you’re a seasoned hunter, damaging the bows won’t be an issue either. In that case, a lightweight nylon case is all you need. 

On top of that, being a nylon construction and coming through a decent line of quality testing, it’s a durable case you can go for. 

You’re also getting a padded handle and sling, which would let you carry it with the utmost comfort and ease for a longer time.’

This one, too, has an inner netted separate pocket system, which would let you store the arrows well! 

Well, as we mentioned, it may not be the best item to protect the bows from outer impacts. But for the hunters who love things simple and light, this is an ideal option to go for!


  • Material: Built using Nylon for durable and long-lasting service. 
  • Dimensions: Comes at a regular dimensions of 16″L x 43″W x 2″H
  • Color: Comes in two color options with Black and Camo 


  • Lightweight bow case option for a relaxed hunting
  • Special inside mesh pockets design for storing arrow
  • Padded handles and sling extends the comfort 
  • Durable Nylon and quality testing techniques extend the lifespan 


  • Can fail to protect the bows from outer impacts 

6. SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

At the concluding part of our long guide, we have another quality lightweight bow case. Let’s have a deeper look at the item. 

Much like the Southland Archery Supply SAS 43-in Deluxe Compound Bow Case, this one too isn’t a plastic box, rather a lightweight alternative made of quality thread. 

It has been tested for sturdiness to a certain extent. So, this one is a slightly more durable case which means you’d get a primary defense against the outward impacts. 

Furthermore, they’re also coming with a cozy, padded handle which should provide you with the utmost ease and comfort while carrying the bow to your next hunting location. 

Plus, the item has a water-resistant coating on top of it, so during the wet seasons, it won’t just get all soggy right away, and you’d get a sort of protection to retreat to a drier location. 

On top of that, it comes with mesh pockets which would offer ample space to load up the few accessories you require during the trips. 

It also has a large compartment or accessory pockets where you can get the arrow boxes in without much struggle. 

It’s a double bow case! So, you can get two bows in it for different styles of hunting. 

It doesn’t have a shoulder strap with it, and carrying it on hand can turn out to be slightly tiring. 

But on the whole, this should be a quality double bow bag you can go for! 


  • Bow Size: Can store two bows at the same time
  • Color: Comes in black only 
  • Heavyweight: At around 6.7 Pounds, this one may seem like a relatively heavier bag 

Bow Size: Can store two bows at the same time

Color: Comes in black only 

Heavyweight: At around 6.7 Pounds, this one may seem like a relatively heavier bag 


  • Double bow carrying capability or one bow with quivers attached offers out-of-the-world convenience 
  • Offers primary protection against impacts 
  • Padded handles for ease of carrying 
  • Water-resistant coating helps during the wet weather conditions


  • Having a shoulder strap would have made carrying even easier 

7. Legend – Apollo Compound Bow Case 

Legend - Apollo Compound Bow Case 

Finally, we have the legend’s apollo. Although it’s unlike the regular plastic bow cases like Plano SE Pro 44 Bow Case or Flambeau Outdoors- Safe Shot Bow Case, instead, it’s constructed with a nylon shell. 

But that doesn’t make it flimsy at all because this professional-grade case comes with exceptional shock-absorbing foam padding. These extraordinary foam padding solutions would absorb the shock of the outer impact outstandingly well, offering the necessary protection on the way. 

The outer layer of this case is coated with a water and rip-resistant solution, which makes it an exceptional case to be used outdoors and in wet seasons. 

It comes with plenty of pockets and compartments that you can use to carry all your accessories. 

While carrying it, you get the optimum comfort. Why? 

Well, the bag is filled with padded areas. The shoulder strap has an added padding on the middle part that helps you get the required load-carrying capability without bogging you down with pressure. 

Equipped with heavy-duty zippers and loops, this bag offers round protection from mistakenly dropping items during the trips. 

Interestingly this stunning backpack comes with six different color patterns in black, so you can pick and choose your desired style without any issues. 

The case may seem a bit too large because of the extended design, but all in all, if you’re ready to receive the best compound bow case, this should very well be a serious consideration! 


  • Material: Built using Nylon for the extra procession 
  • Item dimensions: At around 41.3 x 19.8 x 4 inches, this case may seem a bit too large
  • Color/Style: Comes in 5 different color patterns 


  • Nylon shell construction with padded areas offers shock-absorbing capabilities to withstand minimum impacts 
  • Rip and water-resistant outer layer for better use all around the different seasons 
  • Padded shoulder strap for ease of carrying 
  • Comes in different designs to pick from 


  • It May seem a bit too large 

Types of Compound Bow Cases

Compound bow cases can be of different types and sizes. Here are some of the types of cases you can find! 

Soft Cases 

The basic soft bow case is usually made of thread materials such as Nylon or Cordura. Plus, they’re often reinforced with padded areas to absorb the shocks to some extent. 

Although they’re not super sturdy like the other hard or hybrid ones, they do still provide primary protection against small bumps. These are the most affordable options among different cases. 

Hard Cases 

Now, the compound bow hard case is for extra protection against outer damages. These are usually the ones we discussed and are often made using toughened plastic material. They, too, have foam padding inside for better internal protection and relatively better than the soft cases in terms of managing damages. 

Mixed/ Hybrid Cases 

Hybrid compact bow case mixes up the strengths of both the soft and hard cases and offers you more versatile protection. It would feature a strength closer to that of the hard case while offering you enough space to get the archery accessories like a soft one. 

But premium-grade hybrid cases are usually more expensive.

Well, these are the three main types of bow cases you can go for! 

Hard case vs soft case

Well, now, if you look at the compound bow case reviews, one thing that we encounter most is the debate on whether one should go for the hard case or the soft case. There isn’t something like one is “better” than the other. Instead, it totally depends on the way you like to hunt. 

So, soft cases are undoubtedly the lightest ones you can get. You can go for the slightly durable ones, or you can completely ignore the thinnest case for the lightest hunting experience. It also offers sufficient space within a budget. But this isn’t an airline-approved case for travel, and rough outings can put a dent or cause damage to your bows. 

Based on the above criteria, soft cases should be a good pick for experienced professionals. 

On the other hand, hard cases can offer top-grade protection to your bows. Hard cases can deal with the impacts better. On top of that, you also get top-grade padded foamed materials inside, which makes the bows fit snugly and reduce the damage from any impact. 

With the best compound bow cases for travel, you’re also free to go for airline travel with hard cases as often they’re airline-approved pillar lock system. But hard cases have their fair share of issues as well. They tend to be extremely heavy at times, especially when loaded fully. You’d have to be muscular enough to continuously carry the weight on your back which will eat up a good portion of your energy. They can also be comparatively expensive as well. 

Hard cases can be a suitable item for those who can easily damage the bows or, more permanent type, long term camping, and hunting sessions. 

The Advantages of Using A Compound Bow Case

From protection to exceptional transportation capabilities, a protector compact bow case comes with tons and tons of benefits. Here are a few you can find interesting: 

Offres Quality Protection 

The first good thing about a compound bow case is the protection it offers. Especially while you’re out hunting, the bow can come into contact with a hard plastic surface and get dents. The bow cover, in this case, offers stunning protection against issues like this.  

Reduces Wear 

When you always use a bow case, it reduces the environmental factors that affect the bow less. Dust and dirt are prevented, and damp weather is also kept in check. That’s why a compound bow case can reduce the possibility of quick wearing.

Carry Easily 

Carrying the bow with all the equipment can get extremely difficult over time. Especially when you’re on a long hunting trip, getting the bow from one place to the next without any case would be utterly foolish. 

A bow case, on the other hand, offers a decent carrying capability. Bow cases often come with quality carrying abilities like padded protection handles, shoulder straps with extra padding, and so on, which makes carrying a lot easier and saves plenty of energy which you can later invest in something productive. 

Keep Things in One Place 

Last but not the least, a compound bow case organizes everything in one place. Even if you’re in the house, the arrows, the different bow equipment, and tools can get lost if not being kept in an organized manner. A case is a perfect place where you can do that, so no item is lost.   

How to Choose the Best Bow Case 

Getting the best bow case can prove to be difficult, especially if you don’t have a thorough understanding of it. Well, here are some of the features you should look for:

Bow Case Security 

Security is one of the most important parts of a bow case. If you don’t want the bows to get stolen or lose any parts falling from the case, you must find the case with maximum security. Getting bow cases with quality locks can give you that protection. 

Padding Protection 

We’d highly recommend you to go for a case that comes with adequate padding protection. Having quality padding would offer you extraordinary protection against drops and falls. The padding works smartly to absorb the shock of hitting the ground and distributes it evenly to all the parts, minimizing damage. 

Bow Case Size and Capacity 

Size and capacity are some of the most critical parts of a bow case. We’d suggest you get a bow case that is a bit larger than your bow size, which lets you fit it in easily. 

If you get smaller cases, getting the bows inside would itself become a challenging task? So, always have a correct measurement of your bows if you want them to fit in properly.


If you’re a potential hunter and would like to use the bow outdoors, it’s mandatory to top-rated compound bow cases that are waterproof because rain can be an absolute bummer if your case isn’t waterproof. The rainwater can seep in through the tiny holes. When the bows get exposed to the water, it can cause tremendous damage. 

Well, these are some of the most important things you should seriously consider to get the best compound bow case easily. 


Should I Choose a Hard Case or a Soft Case?

It’s completely dependent upon your style. If you like to go lightweight with comfort and flexibility, then a soft case is better. But for better protection, nothing matches a hard case. 

What is Arrow Holder called?

An arrow tube holder is known as a Quiver. 

Are bows used by any modern military unit in combat?

No recorded information of modern military units using bows is found. But some military may train the soldiers to use bows in situational circumstances. 

What are the benefits of learning archery?

Although it builds hand-eye coordination or physical strength to some degree, most of the benefits are psychological, such as increased focus and building patience and confidence.

Final Thought 

We are at the end of our long and highly comprehensive guide. Throughout the guide, we have talked about some of the quality case options you can go for. Portrayed their strengths and presented the weaknesses for your understanding. We also provided answers to key questions on the related topic. 

After much analysis and examination, here are some of the recommended cases you can find effective! For quality hard cases, you can go for the Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case. If you’re looking for a soft case with exceptional performance, you can go ahead with the Legend – Apollo Compound Bow Case. As mentioned, these cases are your first line of defense to protect the bows from outer impacts and an effective bow carrier as well. 

So, get the best compound bow case today and start securing your kills right away! 

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