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Our friend who is super fond of hunting asked a serious question yesterday, can deers smell propane heaters? We have more or less used it while hunting. But I don’t think we ever paid attention to whether it was affecting the deers. 

A lot of the things in the hunting situation affect deer movement. So does a change of smell. But the smell of propane heaters? That’s something we need to shed some light on!

What are Propane Heaters? 

Propane heaters are appliances that are used to heat your body above room temperature. When you have a continuous propane supply for yourself, you can use it to heat your indoors (and at times, outdoors). Since it can be used with central or zonal heating, having a heater proves to be really beneficial when you are golfing in the cold or hunting out in the cold.

When you are planning to use indoor propane heaters, you have to pay attention to both the warmth and the safety. These are different from outdoor heaters when it comes to handling smoke. So, if you are planning to shoot from inside or from a ground blind, your options should be different or fit to the occasion.

Using Propane Heaters Outdoors for Deer Hunting

If you plan to go outdoor hunting and choose to take your propane heater with you, you should be careful. That is because if you lack ventilation and use it in box blinds without serious ventilation, you may die from carbon monoxide poisoning. So, while trying to prevent the deers from smelling the gas, do not trap the gas such that it turns out to be fatal for you.

Can Deers Smell Propane Heaters? 

A lot of things that affect how your prey behaves. In order to understand the behavior of a deer or the reasons for its movement, a lot of factors need to be considered. Because the deer can be influenced by any smell or change, or lighting in its surrounding. But that doesn’t mean it frightens the deer!

When it is really cold out there, and you have gone hunting during winter, it becomes a necessity to choose a propane heater for your blinds. If you have ever hunted using a ground blind, you know that getting a heater can act as an absolute game changer!

Whether it is the smoke that the heater releases when you get it cranked up or the rising scent from the hot heater, it always attracts the deer, never spooks or scares it.

Suppose you could be in your blinds, about 100-200 yards away from it. In that case, there is no chance of the propane heater scaring your deer for huntaway. And you can complete your deer hunting or pig hunting business sitting in the comfort of your place. Even when there are heaters running, and you are near the deers, the smoke of it may cause them to come near and observe the heater, if anything. That only makes your hunting easy, as you can shoot from a close range!

Final Words

So, can deers smell propane heaters? If the heat rises way too much, they may. But not if they are hundreds of yards away from you. Even when the heat rises and rises quickly in the cold air, it shouldn’t be so significantly smelly. Hence, you’re safe shooting out in the cold!

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