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There is probably no sport that is more enjoyable and adrenaline inducing than hunting. This can be hunting alone or with a bunch friends or maybe your pops. Whatever it may be, the suspense on finally spotting your target and making your move on it without it knowing can be a stomach clenching experience. 

However, not all of us can relate to this especially if we have not done this before at all, let alone even accompanying our fellow hunters into their journey. But maybe you finally want to experience the same joy as well. And the timing could not have been any better than hunting season right around the corner!

There are tons of hunting you can take part in, but for beginner’s deer hunting seems to be the most gratifying one. Of course this does not mean that it will be unnecessarily easy, but the upsides to deer hunting are indeed greater.

There are a few guidelines that you as a beginner should definitely follow if you want your first ever deer hunting experience to be something that propels off even greater ones than being a sore experience. And you will be glad to know that this article is here to help you exactly with that!

We are going to cover the tips on what you need to hone in order to have a pleasant and worth remembering deer hunting experience. So without further ado, let us get on with it!

1. Practice Shooting

First and foremost, it is quite a given that as a beginner you will not have proper shooting skills at all. And that is totally okay. You could easily start deer hunting with experienced peers or hunters right away and then hope to learn the way of the ropes, or you could simply practice shooting before you set out onto the deer hunting field. 

In all honesty, going with the latter option is much wiser decision any amateur hunter could make. Even though deer’s are much larger beings than your other hunting targets such as birds or rabbits, they still require just as much accuracy and aim. 

On top of that, you do not want to be the only liability in the field when you are surrounded with experienced hunters trying to get the perfect shot. 

You can easily practice shooting at ranges before you head out into a real hunting field, or even accompany a trusted hunter to his/her pre-season hunting session and let them guide you with the shooting.

2. Familiarize with Your Weapon

As a beginner, it is no doubt that you are going to feel a little icky with a gun or rifle in your hand. But if you really want to invest time and effort into deer hunting, it is recommended you familiarize yourself with your choice of weapon as soon as possible.

If you cannot get a custom made weapon, try to get one that you will feel most comfortable with while holding or carrying. This means you need to take into account the size and grip of it. 

Before the official deer hunting season begins, use your weapon to shoot as much as possible in the pre-season in an open field, possibly with a trusted guide. This way, you can learn which angle and positions works best for you and also know the limits to your own abilities and skills.

Move around with your weapon around the hunting field and calculate the distances your shot will probably be required to cover during the actual shooting. 

3. Scan the Location

A barren piece of land may seem useless to common civilians but with a little scouting around, it could turn out to have valuable hunting gems hidden within. A great way to start amplifying the excitement of deer hunting is to scout different locations. 

Scouting for deer hunting is not exactly the same as you would do for rabbit hunting, as deer’s are much larger and could harm you to some extent. Hence, you should always scout with an experienced hunter by your side. 

Alongside that, you can also carry binoculars so you could easily scan the area from a great distance without necessarily having to come into close contact with your future target. 

4. Spotting the Deer

Let us say that after all that build up, you have finally found the target. It does not have to be the trophy buck, because your main priority should be to learn from experience before you get to the big win. 

Once you have your target in sight, do not shoot at random! The easiest way to get almost an instant and painless kill is to focus on the vitals of the animal. This vital part is above and behind the shoulder of the deer. Don’t unnecessarily shoot at the antlers or legs.

To get its attention but not scare it away, gently whistle to it so it stops in its tracks out of curiosity.  Once you take your aim and make the move, if your deer doesn’t fall immediately, don’t hurry. Just give it some time, possibly half an hour or more to succumb to its injuries. 

However if your shot wasn’t as lethal and your deer flees, let it go. There is no need to run after it as you will only tire yourself out. Wait for another one because chances are you will not be able to take down your previous target even with 10 new shots. Hence, learn from your mistakes and try again later.

Final Words

Hunting of any sort is supposed to be an exciting AND relaxing experience. If you are only experiencing the adrenaline rush but no relaxation, you’re probably doing it wrong. 

Like all things, practice makes perfect. And with deer hunting, the key is to stay calm and collected so you get that perfect shot every time. 

We hope you had fun while reading our article on deer hunting tips for beginners and that it inspired you to go out there and make new memories with new friends. Here’s to happy deer hunting!

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