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Does buck bomb work? This is a question that is bombarding the hunter community since its release. And still to this day, the community seems divided in their experiences. 

For those who are hearing the word for the first time, Buck Bomb is a fragrance that helps lure in bucks for an easy hunting session lowering down the difficulty. User experiences can vary, and so will their responses. So, it’s quite difficult to get a permanent decision on the issue. 

Does Buck Bomb Work?

Well, as it’s a highly discussed matter among our hunter community, we’ll try to provide an answer to this question with our detailed research. 

How Does it Work? 

First, we’d need to understand the actual mechanism which they’re using in the spray. 

Use of Deer Urine in the Spray 

Well, Buck Bomb profess to be using deer urine in their composition as an attractant. But does the smell of deer urine allure bucks? Well, the studies do show that deers would get attracted to new smells in the area, be that of deer or human urine. 

On the other hand, another study shows that when deer urinates on the tarsal gland, it does release a particle that can bring in possible games. 

Overall, the scientific studies done on this particular matter are quite small. Thereby, it’s difficult to completely rule out the inability of the substance in real life. 

NVERTER 180 Ball Valve 

They’re also using a technology called NVERTER 180 ball valve. This particular addition in the spray lets the user spray in short bursts. As a result, you can change the direction without wasting much of the product.

Atomized Particles 

Another key mechanism Buck Bomb uses is breaking down the scent to atomized particle level. As a result, it becomes so small that it can travel with the wind and can reach a staggering quarter of a mile in the distance! 

Now, we know how the actual process takes place. Let’s dig deeper into its effectiveness. 

Double Duty Fragrance

It has an attractively rich double duty fragrance. In that case, you can wish not to use it as a luring scent and instead can use it as a covering fragrance. 

Because of being highly capable, it can perform despite whatever wind conditions are out there! 

Covering Own Scent 

Covering one’s scent is one of the most highly practiced methods hunters use to deceive the bucks. Bucks usually remain highly alert to their natural surroundings and can sense any foreign smell that can be dangerous for them. If they manage to detect an unusual smell, they’d quickly move to a different location, making it difficult on your part to hit. That’s why covering hunter’s body odor and other smells, like the whiff of washing detergent on clothes, the smell of body wash and shampoo, etc. 

Because of all these issues, professional hunters use cover-up sprays to curtain their scent from reaching the games. In this case, Buck Bomb can come into action. You can use it as a cover-up fragrance and hunt fearlessly! 

Individual Experiences 

One thing that we’ve found out about the Buck Bomb is, it’s filled with individual experiences. As preys are something unpredictable and uncertain matter, it’s quite difficult to put out a 100% confirmed judgment on the issue. It’s not that simple. Different users have different results with the item. Some may not find success in the first attempts but later found what they were looking for. 

Final Judgement 

So, does Buck Bomb Work? After all the studies and researches, we’ve finally come to the point of discernment. We’d like to make one thing clear before heading for our final understanding of the entire situation. That is, you’d never find a direct answer to this question. 

There’ll always be conflicting notions regarding the matter. What we understand is, first, the nature of application and result is itself quite complicated to fully grasp whether it’s working or not. But as we do get more or less equal positive notions compared to the negative ones’ it can be understood that it’s effective to a certain degree. 

Now, it’s not possible to measure how effective it is, but it does make an impact no matter how little that is. So, we’ve portrayed our picture of the entire matter; the rest depends on you! 

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