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We know how utterly frustrating it is for you to not be able to show off your hunting abilities properly, all because of that smell you’ve got. And this smell is not just any smell; this is the odor of danger for the deers!

Even if you do not have a stinky B.O., the regular smell created by you resulting from your hormones, chemicals, what you eat, and where you live is a sign of concern to game animals. This is why scent-preventing outfits are made, and steaming popularity is held by Scent Lok. But does Scent-Lok work? Yes, it does, and here we break down exactly how.

Working Principle of Scent-Lok

So, how does this work? Scent-Lok is all about using Activated Carbon technology to battle odor and control scent. This controlling of scent on and off-field has made them quite the brand to turn to when you are hunting in the wild. With the C.O.M. or Complete Order Management System, Scent-Lock claims to control bacterial, metabolic, and ambient scents.

To control the odor generated by hunters or humans, for that matter, ScentLok uses a five-principle method:

  1. Containment: Trapping your odors into a confined space.
  2. Prevention: Usage of silver that prevents bacterial growth from the contained odor.
  3. Adsorption: Carbon molecules taking it all in.
  4. Destruction: Usage of Ozone to destroy odor.
  5. Masking: Using sprays to mask every recognizable type of odor before you join the hunt.

It is now factual after nine federal lawsuits against them that Scent-Lok truly works, and it can block 96-99 percent of your odor compounds with its 5 control methods and 7 scentlok crucial steps.

How to Make It Work for You

How will you make the most out of your Scent-lok? This is how:


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should shower before heading onto the field. Of course, you know how fresh we feel after showering, but more essentially, it reduces your odor by washing off the natural oils and sweat produced by your skin.

It is also necessary that you wear your headcover when you are going to the field. Forget this, and there’ll be 99% chance you’ll get caught! This is because your hair, breath, and facial-oils produce one-third of your total human odor. Don’t forget to wear your gloves too, because anything you touch with bare hands will leave your scent! Also, always dress away from your vehicle, or you may take in more smell.


You may think that to mask your smell, you can wear cover scents with woody, cedar, or fall notes. Don’t do this at all! The more cover scents you use, the more room it eats into your activated carbon compounds in the suit, and the adsorption will remain busy masking the cover scents, leaving little room to take in your human scent. 

This will totally defeat the purpose. So, only use the Scent-lok liquid sprays of the line and not other ones to accessorize and enhance your masking or for your equipment and decoys.

Weather Condition

Need not worry about the system working in wind, rain, or sun differently because it holds up well. However, don’t forget the rest of the steps for the Scent-Lok to work!


Although not considered a necessity, you may wash your Scent-Lok suit. However, you are advised not to do so until and unless your suit is extremely visibly dirty. So much that it can’t be worn anymore, only then you should wash it.

But don’t think that this will make your suit unable to control the scent anymore because studies found that even after washing and drying the scent lok, its carbon activation still can control the odor! The activated carbon is not harmed. However, some of the excess carbon is lost. You can wash them up to 2-3 times per season, more so in summer, whether it is machine-wash or gentle cycling. Here too, you have to be careful to use non-scented carbon wash as detergent, not the regular lemon/jasmine-flavored store-bought detergents.


You have to store your Scent-lok system in airtight containers. Some kind of airtight box or no ventilation storage spaces would be the best fit. Plastic-sealed containers will also give your suit maximum protection from catching scents.


There is no set time for you to reactivate your suit. Before different hunters hunt differently and in different seasons, each with their unique style, your frequency and usage style will determine when you need to reactivate it. As a general rule of thumb, after 30-40 hours of hunting usage, reactivation is a good idea. 

Again, it depends on the saturation of the carbon particles in the suit too. If you are naturally more sweaty or hunt in warmer seasons, your reactivation may be quicker than the hunter who doesn’t sweat much or hunts in winter only. If you see poor results from your suit that previously gave you good games, it is time for reactivation. And for obvious reasons, your headcover needs more frequent reactivation than the jackets.

Final Thought

One of the biggest things that frustrate hunters is when the deers can smell them, and it absolutely ruins their chances of scoring a hunt. 

But not anymore, since you won’t be questioning around if scent lock really works. With proper usage of wearing, storing, and reactivating, just get started with the odor-less hunting!

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