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So you’re out there having the best time of your life hunting, and 99 of your lucky stars have aligned, there’s one left! Unless the last one aligns, no matter how good you do with the rest of your hunting tactics and practices, you will not have a final shot.

Dear allure scents can be just the last one for you. To have that successful hunt, knowing how to mix vanilla extract for deers can help you tempt the buck into the range. Of course, you have had store-bought ones for years now. But why spend when you can do these with some kitchen items, right?

How to Mix Vanilla Extract for Deers 

So what you will need to make this vanilla extract are the following:

  1. An oil, namely, anise oil (which is also a fragrant oil), canola oil, etc. that can act as a good carrier oil.
  2. Pure vanilla extract
  3. Water
  4. A mixing bowl
  5. A whisk or egg beater
  6. Spray bottle

Once you have all the ingredients with you, what you need to do is take 0.2 oz of the oil, 1 oz of pure vanilla extract, and 8 oz. of water and pour them one after another in a mixing bowl. Now with the help of a whisk or an egg beater, you will mix the items to create a frothy, semi-transparent mixture. Now, gently pour the mixture into the spray bottle, and you’re done creating your vanilla deer allure! Just remember, since oil and water do not mix, each time you think of using this to allure bucks and deers, you will have to shake the spray bottle before you spritz. 

Fooling Deers

So, how will you use it for your hunt? This is how:

Masking your scent

Before you use the mixture, you will need to mask your own scent. One of the best survival tactics that the deers use is their sense of smell. When you are going to hunt, this is the sense that you will need to defeat in order to win the hunt.

Did you know that deers may forgive your weird outline when they locate you from a distance? Yes, they will trace your blocky silhouette and yet choose to avoid you if you can stay still. But if they can smell you, you have no other chance but to watch them escape!

You need to reduce or if possible, eliminate your scent with a scent-locking cloth. It is also important that you wear your gloves so that things you touch along your hunt do not have your smell too. The more oblivious you can make your existence to the deers, the better it is for your hunt success. Scent control should be a part of your every step: trail camera to hunting.

Keeping track of the weather

Keeping an eye out for the flow of the wind will be another step on the way to scent control for deer hunting. If it is too windy or less windy, your luring may not work the right way.

Deer scents

This is the last and the most crucial step of scent control and making your hunt the perfect one! Making sure that there is the right setting for the hunt, the proper season, and of course, the appropriate deer scent, you can convince bucks to come closer to you. However, if you mess up here, you can make either the deer alarmed or avoidant of you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the season is well. You could have the perfect vanilla extract scent made for the deers, but applying it to lure your deers in the wrong time and failing is not what you would want.

How to Use Scents 

Here’s the right time to use your scent:

Early Season

By early season, you would think the time of the last weeks of August to October. This is the time for bucks to switch homes. Since they will be on the move, this will be the right time for you to detect their movement patterns and make hunting opportunities for yourself.

Pre Rut

So you will be closing in on October now, and hunting season will be getting close. This is when the testosterone of the deers is high, making the right time for you to initiate the fighting and sparring and take advantage of it. So get ready with your deer decoys and the scents too!

Rut and Onwards

The intense chasing and seeking season begins! This is when you can take the perfect advantage of the crazy hormones and use the scent to lure the deers in and have your kill!

Final Words

So you have finally learned how to mix vanilla extracts for deer to use on your next hunt! And when you have a live deer near, why use a poor chemical mix when you can dash natural ingredients and make the perfect scent? So get started with this concoction, and best of luck hunting bucks!

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