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Drop away rests are quite helpful when you’re trying archery. If you don’t have an in-depth idea of how to nock an arrow with a drop-away rest, our detailed guide helps. Drop away rests are highly effective and can aid in improving your target outstandingly. They’re also quite fruitful in terms of providing you with the correct arrow stability and better hitting potentiality. Overall, a drop-away rest is one of the most crucial elements in bowhunting, especially for beginners. 

How to Nock an Arrow with a Drop Away Rest 

Here, in this brief instructive piece, we’d try to inform you how an arrow can be knocked perfectly while a drop-away rest is installed on the bow. 

Install it Correctly 

The first thing that many of us forget to make sure of is the installation. If your arrow rest installation isn’t correct, then it’d become extremely difficult to get arrows knocked properly and get the desired result from it. That’s why you must maintain a proper installation method. Most of the time, manufacturers would provide effective guidelines for doing that. Otherwise, you can do it by yourself as well. Select your preferred position for the installation. Then tie up the rest’s cord with the downward cable using a setting knot. Remember, the tying has to be a snug fit. And make sure it doesn’t come in between the upward cable. Now finally, tie in that position at the maximum draw length position. Finally, tighten up the snug setting knot properly. 

Better Contact Offer Better Stability 

Nocking an arrow properly is crucial while you’re using a drop-away rest. One thing you should remember is the contact length during launch. But what is the actual contact length you should follow? Well, it may revolve around 6 to 7 inches. Expert individuals even tested different methods to understand the contract length, which is required for better stability. 

These specialists have utilized the modern method of high-speed camera techniques to find out the correct contact area. When you release the string, it creates an immense power, which is by nature meant to shake and vibrate hugely, completely shattering the possibilities of a target-hitting shot. 

That’s why it’s advised that you abide by the manufacturer’s instructions bit by bit. Especially when you have set up the rest following authentic and valid guidelines from the manufacturers, it won’t malfunction. Make sure the drop-away rest is at its full height when the string is at its full draw, so when you release, the arrow is stabilized for several inches as the drop-away rest sits upright. 

How to Pull Release Correctly 

Finally, we come to the part where the nocking process is done. You have to keep in mind that pulling off the release has to be done with the utmost accuracy. Pulling has to be limited in the center portion; pulling sidewise would result in poor flight. 

Often, we tend to pull too long or too short. 

Try to lift the rest as soon as you drop the bow back. As a result, you’ll get the maximum contact time during the shot. 

Another thing you’d need to make sure of is whether you’re getting the full clearance of the fletching. 

Spray the back half of the arrow with a foot powder and then just shoot the arrow into a dummy and check for any contact. If the powder hasn’t touched, you’d have to understand the release isn’t working correctly. In that case, you’d have to inspect the installation and find out whether it has been done correctly or not. 

If the installation was correct, then you’d need to work on the release. Keep on adjusting the rest until it maintains contact properly. So when you witness contact, then the rest is tuned correctly, and the release is being done right. 

Final Thoughts 

Drop away rests are an incredible piece of engineering that works effectively in terms of giving you satisfaction in hunting and improving accuracy to a great extent. Often, time-poor nock travel is the case that creates issues. But if you follow our instructions properly, we’re positive that a quality nock travel can be secured. 

And if you’re able to secure an optimum nock journey, then a better shooting output can be hoped for. 

So, as you’ve gone through the detailed guide and come to understand how to knock an arrow with a drop-away rest, it should be easier to hit the targets with ease. So, get your bows and arrows ready for a perfect hunting session right now! 

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