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It is the responsibility of every archer to make the perfect shot when using an archery bow. Each of the shots being made need to be accurate and in some cases depending on the type of archery, deadly as well. 

In a hunting or target practicing arena, it is crucial for every archer to be more precise than the next best person. Razor sharp precision and accuracy are two of the most important things to have in control in a sport as daunting like archery. 

However for beginners and professionals alike, it can take quite a long time to master accuracy. This lengthy period of time can even discourage a lot of first timers from continuing archery as a sport or hobby. 

Dropping archery as a sport or hobby from your life can be quite a disappointment because archery really helps people practice patience and test out their capabilities to a wider extent.  

Keeping that in mind, today in this article on How to Shoot Accurately in Archery we are going to take a look at some of the few things you can do as an archer (not specifically a beginner or professional in this case) that will help you shoot accurately in archery. 

So without wasting any more valuable time, let us get started right away!

The Form

First and foremost, keeping the form in ideal position should be an archer’s main priority. To have the perfect stance, an archer needs to stand with feet apart (shoulder width).However, you may stand however you feel more comfort. But the wider your feet are apart, the sturdier your base will be. 

Stand sideways with your toes facing perpendicular to the target. Make sure to only move your head here and no other body part.

Another key point is to always stand perfectly straight. This means your knees should not be bent even at the slightest. 

Practice Your Release

Releasing the arrow should become your second nature. Not properly releasing the arrow is often what makes a shot inaccurate. To practice release, you should try shooting at a range from a really close distance. This mean you should shoot a group of arrows, preferably in the same exact spot every single time.

Draw your arrow slowly and focus on how far you have pulled it back. Try to always control your breathing and eye movements then. You should try to calm yourself down as much as possible before you release the arrow. 

This heightened sense of awareness can be quite staggering during the first few days however soon enough it will be sole reason for an archer to become one with their equipments. And that is exactly what you should be going for.

Soon enough you will figure out how much pressure and pounds you should put on the pull before every release. The main goal for you should be to get the same accuracy and precision every time for every shot.

Head Outdoors

Of course practicing accurate shooting in a range is a good choice however, when you are out in the open the obstacles seem to multiply by great numbers. And honestly, this is the best way to learn to shoot accurately in archery. 

It is harder to shoot in an uncontrolled arena such as in the woods or open fields because you cannot control the high or low winds there. You will have to work accordingly in cases as such. But you can easily use your obstacles as an advantage here. 

The best way to get accurate shots in a short distance is to practice shooting from long distances more. If you practice shooting 10 yards away from the target in a range, step it up a notch and practice shooting 20 yards away from the target in an open space. 

This way, you will get a clearer idea on how much pressure and pounds you have to put into pulling your arrow back. 

Your Grip

As a general rule of thumb, the greater the grip you have on your bow, the higher the torque is. And this means the less accurate your shot will be. The point is to produce as less torque as possible when shooting an arrow. 

The first thing you should make sure of if you want your archery shooting to be more accurate, is to have a bow with a thin grip. It should also feel comfortable and light in your hands. 

However, you can still make good use of your bow even if it does not have a thin grip. In this case, make sure to place the grip right on the line of your palm. This place is the dip between the thumb and index finger. 

After you have completely drawn the arrow, the grip should make you feel like its pushing right into your palm (not too forcefully though). Right before the release, you should slowly start to relax the grip. If you hold on more tightly during the release, you will find your arrow being shot with more power than necessary. 

Control Your Emotions

This small detail can be the game changer in a sport like archery. It is easy to lose control of your emotions when your prize buck is right in front of you, or too get hot tempered if you are target practicing in a range. 

However, in order to shoot accurately in archery it is crucial to remain calm and collected the entire time. A lot of archers (both, amateurs and professionals alike) make the mistake of holding in their breath when drawing an arrow and aiming. 

While this may seem like it stabilizes you more, it in fact does the exact opposite. When you hold your breath, you are preventing the oxygen from reaching your brain. This actually makes a person shake more than necessary and become light headed at the same time. On top of that, your vision will get blurry to some extent.

We are not telling you to take heavy and deep breaths while peeping into a small sight for a target that is at least 150 yards away. Instead, breathe all you want but in short, controlled motions. One easy way to breathe in this case is to inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. 

Be Confident

Even if you are a beginner in the world of archery, confidence is the key. We are not telling you to be over confident in this case. However, when you are in an arena with tens of other experienced archers and variables completely out of your control, there is very little that you can do to get the perfect accuracy.

 In a situation like this, being confident in whatever shot you aim for is the only thing that can help you out to some extent. 

Get the Right Equipment

As important as the points above may be, not having the right archery equipment can prove to be quite a disappointment later on. Not only will you be wasting a lot of hard earned money on a crappy product, but it might also discourage you from taking part in archery as a whole.

It is crucial for an archer to make sure his or her archery equipments are of top quality. This means you need to invest in high quality bows, strings, bow cases, etc. 

Of course getting the right products do not completely guarantee that you will be the very best overnight. However, they do go a long way in making sure you get to improve consistently. 

Do not Drop the Bow

It is quite natural for an archer (especially a beginner) to want to drop the bow right after releasing the arrow. But it is recommended you resist the urge to do so. You can learn the best things about accuracy while holding your bow in the same position even after the release. 

This way, you can see exactly how high or low you need to go next. You can pull your bow back down only after the arrow has actually hit the target and after you have done the necessary follow up to it. 

Pay Attention to the Arrow

It is important for you to have your eyes on the arrow for most of the time. You should learn to eye the shaft of the arrow all the way to the target in the distance, through the sighting pin. 

Low Light Practicing

It is a better idea to practice shooting and accuracy in dim conditions rather than in just bright conditions. If you can find the right accuracy in the dark, it is almost a guarantee that you will be able to shoot accurately even during the day when everything is bright and in proper sight. 


So there you have it! This brings us to the end of this lengthy yet informative article on How to Shoot Accurately in Archery. Archery is a daunting sport that requires players to have enhanced hand-eye coordination as well as impressive precision. 

We hope by following all the mentioned points above, you will be able to achieve the accuracy you desire. Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. 

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