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Are you willing to get a new recurve bow? Even learn how to shoot recurve bows?

Nowadays, archery is one of the well-regarded tournaments from teenagers to adults. There are many bows used to play this sport. Instead of other popular bulges, a recurve bow is suitable for applying more energy and efficiency. Providing the right amount of speed and power to your arrow, you can touch the target with ease. 

However, it is not a short word procedure for understanding how to shoot a recurve bow. So, to acquire skills, you have to look over our article.

In this write-up, we will present nine amazing steps that support knowing details on this matter.

How to Shoot Recurve Bow: Step by Step Procedure 

Shooting is existing fun & entertainment for teenagers, children, and adults. Anywhere you can practice this game like camps, parks, ranges, or backyards. 

By the way, here are nine outstanding and effective steps to how to shoot recurve bows.

Now start.

Step-1: Bow Selection 

Before selecting the bow, you have to confirm your purpose, although there is no major difference between the hunting bows and target archery bows. But, the hunting purpose of the bow has a higher draw weight.

The suitable draw can be eighteen to twenty-four lbs that are comfortable for adults. Children can choose the low weight. A beginner shooter will turn through quite a lighter bow.

Regardless, you know different lengths of bows are available in the market. Sixty-six or sixty-eight-inch bows are suitable for all players. So, try to purchase a flexible, easy-to-handle, and unique design bow to shoot flawlessly. 

Step-2: Designate Arrows 

For choosing your arrows, it is important to measure the draw length. It indicates the length of your both arms. How to measure the arm length?

Lay down the ground and spread your both arms’ body’s each side similar to the surface. Take help from other people who calculate from your one middle fingertip to another. 

Then, you find the number of inches and divide that by 2.5. Be sure you get draw length but before purchasing you have to check it by professional archery. You should include 1.2 inches more length of uncovering the length of your arrow. 

Don’t forget to consider the arrow weight and material. Most of the high-quality arrows are lightweight and made from wood, carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass. Fiberglass is suitable for bowfishing and youth now.

The weight is dependent on the shaft. The negative impact on the carbon arrows can rumble. On the other hand, wood and aluminum arrows can bend. 

Are you willing to shoot outdoors?

You might consider the weather conditions. For more safety, choose the rain-proof vanes.

Step-3: Accumulate Other Utensil

In this step, you should accumulate other necessary utensils to shoot a recurve bow without any hassle. First, select the target point of the shooting bow. If you want, you can create a target yourself or purchase a good quality target from the market. It helps to save your arrows. 

Next, you need to collect a leather finger tab to protect your fingers from accidents. If you don’t use the finger tab, you will appoint gloves. But gloves are a little costly. Plus, you will accumulate an armguard to hold the bow safely. Even you can include a bow stringer if you need it. 

Step-4: Ensure Your Standing Position

A formal standing position is the most significant to fulfill your target in any competition. Even this right stance supports protecting against injuries when you pull and disclose your bowstring.

Most of the well-known archers like to attend the two archery stances- Open Stance and Square Stance. If you stand on the rough surface, you can maintain an open stance position to shoot recurve bow. This position indicates that your left foot stands on the half-step behind from the right foot. 

On the other side, if you want to stand on the square stance, you should keep your both feet on the shooting line. 

Step-5: Nocking An Arrow Onto Your Bow

At this moment, you need to clutch the arrow in the right hand and load it for fitting on the left side bow. Then, place at the edge side into the bowstring. Perform the arrow’s nock before pushing the bow.

Step-6: Grabbing Your Bowstring

To catch your bowstring, you can use Mediterranean Draw that is extremely famous in most cases. Need to use only three fingers to do this job. The first junction finger is good for hooking bowstring. You have to fist the arrow with confidence.

Step-7: Grip your Bow

Holding your bow in this way that you can keep the handle comfortable on the padded ground between the thumb and palm. Instead of holding the bow tightly, you can lift it in position comfortably. Not clear?

Do your knuckles make a stance of the 45-degree angle?

If your answer is yes, you stay in the correct standpoint. 

Step-8: Proper Arm Rotation

Proper elbow rotation is another valuable thing to handle your bow properly. Try to hold the bow straight and tightened at the elbow. Do you wear your arm guard?

If you don’t wear it, your arm can injure in this case. The Rotating arm supports your elbow pointing away from your forearm and you. Remember, you push the bow according to your shoulder height to shoot accurately.

Step-9: Take Shooting Position and Send Arrow 

Now, it is time to get ready for shooting. This is because you maintain shoulder-height by using your left arm. You have to tighten the right elbow when the arrow is back. And, use back muscles to draw the bow perfectly.

Next, send the arrow slowly and smoothly and keep relaxing in your right hand. You push it quietly back position then slip out the bowstring from your fingers. To fulfill your target, you need to open your dominant eye. 

Alternatively, keep closing your other eye. Even the dominant eye is the best to acquire any target. Keep in mind, in the shooting duration, don’t try to move the arm or hand. Otherwise, you can miss your target.


So, you have felt how to shoot recurve bow appropriately from this article. We presented all-around comprehensive data along with nine awesome steps for easy learning. 

Now, you have to practice more and more to win any challenging competition or enjoy hunting activities.

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