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Are you a beginner archer? Find how to sight in a recurve bow?

However, sight, a direction point, is one type of sighting gadget. Most of the archers attach this manual device in a recurve bow to go through the target within a short time. As a learner, you can use its dot to alien the target quickly and take your shot.

Could you want to hear the details? 

Please, read our manuscript. Once you read from top to bottom writing, you will discover a good ending in this matter. Plus, resolve your problem.

How to Sight in a Recurve Bow [Including Three types of Sights]

Sight works for providing you a better idea when you are ready to shoot. This is one kind of consideration or reference point that also indicates where you align a recurve bow. To reach the target point, you should first consider your aiming, then sight. If the aim is right, the shoot will be right.

However, if you don’t know how to sight in a recurve bow, you can focus on the below instructions.

You can use three categories of sight in a recurve bow. They are – the open ring, the pin sight, and target sights.

These three main sights are easy to attach, and you can follow them the same way to include. But, quite different to adjust them.

The Open Ring

With the open ring sight, you can line up the target and see it through your ring’s middle point. This recurve bow sight is not costly but reliable & good for aiming. The most common problem stands that it is not acceptable for long-range shooting. 

But, it is useful to shoot in the short-range.

By using this open ring, you might focus on the short-distance shooting target appropriately. On the other hand, you can use your index fingers and thumb to make a ring or circle. 

When you expand the arm, your finger-ring also extends to an equal distance. At the shooting time, you can see your target through the circle. It is good for not more than 20 yards. 

Multiple open ring sights are available in the market so that you can collect any high-quality product. It is an easy and natural way to aim a recurve bow. Especially beginners who are confused about selecting a target can use the open ring sights.

The Pin Sight

The pin sight is an excellent choice for aiming your fixed marks. If you have a wooden bow, you don’t get the pin sights with ease. But, pin sights are available for the metal riser and easy to attach. For the wooden bows, you have to create holes, including pin sights.

By the way, the pin sight is two types- single pin and multiple pin sight. Want to know the difference between a single and double pin sight?

Single-pin sight is ideal for one aiming or shooting at a fixed distance. Alternatively, a multi-pin sight is also decent for fixed targets. They have three to five aiming pins. You need to set them up before going to the field. 

The fixed pin sight is good because it can’t move. Even you don’t need to adjust. Don’t think that all pins are used at the same distance. For example, you try three-pin sights in a recurve bow where one pin can be ideal for aiming ten yards distance. Other pins are good for twenty yards or thirty yards aiming distance. 

There is no doubt that you can set up multiple pins for different distances, 15/20/25 yards or 20/30/40 yards.

Target Sights

Target sights are extremely expensive and advanced rather than other sights. Sometimes you have to invest hundreds of dollars in buying. On the other hand, a recurve bow is also a little expensive, you know.

Keep in mind that target sights are not suitable for beginner archers. If you are skilled in this platform, you can purchase and use this awesome site. Otherwise, you waste your money as a learner.

How to Use a Sight in a Recurve Bow?

Multiple types of sights in the market, you have already known. It is nearly impossible to discuss all the sights. For this reason, we are going to focus on using sights in Olympic Games in a recurve bow.

Don’t worry, multiple model sights contain the same basic principles. So, you can follow these universal rules for any sight.

Basic Olympic recurve bow sight

Generally, sight has a vertical bar as well as an extended horizontal bar attached to mark sights. The sight block contains an aperture that is removable itself.

Don’t know what an aperture is? It indicates a hole or a plain glass and some pointer. Glass has a dot or pins. But, different models come with several patterns of dots. 

Some categories arrive in wheels for providing micro-adjustments. Manual adjustment types carry screws so that you can reduce according to your needs. 

How Far Do You Fix the Sight on your Recurve Bow?

If you fix the sight near, you get the bigger adjustment to mark with ease. Even a small adjustment ensures to create a large change that supports going to the target.

You have to try good control over your total adjustments and keep attention farther out of the bow. Precise adjustment helps you to shoot at the long distances target. On the other side, you should also adjust the vertical bars. 

For adjusting, unlock the screws from it and up & down moving. You can’t avoid this process of modifying or very long or extremely close distances. 

After setting the sight’s horizontal length, you have to turn into the obstruction of the sights. Sometimes sight can hinder your target. That is why you should check it before going through. 

Evaluating the Sight Settings

When you aim to use sights, you have to record and measure the overall setting that you created some time ago for your provided distance. 

This record helps to find any particular distance easily in the future. And, you can take a new shot with confidence; just check the previous record. For this reason, you ensure to markdown point and total measurements settings as immediately as possible. 

Don’t forget that any small mistake can obstruct your aim of the target. Also, you will adjust the vertical bar to make sure you are below or above the target.


Sight is useful to aim at a target in a recurve bow. Keep in mind, when you include sight, you have to measure distance accurately. And, don’t depend on only sight because it is just a reference point. You always focus on developing your target. It is also important to take a few minutes of the shooting time. Ultimately, the best way is that you have to use your eyes to concentrate on the target.

Anyway, we have already illustrated how to sight in a recurve bow in this article. Be sure you appreciate our inclusive directions on this consequence.

So, include sight and celebrate a ton of fun in this game!

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