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Hoyt and Mathews are prominent for their high-quality & luxury bows. And, the world most famous archers have used these both in many tournaments. So, it is problematic to answer the question of- is Hoyt is better than Mathews.

But, the trusted message is that Hoyt comes to produce two types of bows- recurve and compound bows. Unlike, Mathews manufactures multiple compound bows.

The biggest antagonism to the two brand’s compound bows is that Hoyt contains hybrid cams and split limbs but Mathews has a solo cam and solid limbs.

Our writing will confirm all about Hoyt and Mathews together with a comparison table that helps you to discover which is better for you or which not.

First, we point out basic dogmas about Hoyt and Mathews. Then go through the main theme of the topic.

Basic About Hoyt and Mathews 

Both brands bows are wonderful and adjustable for newcomers to specialists. For learning details, you have to move to the below steps.


The leading brand Hoyt produces higher quality and authentic design bows according to the present invention. This brand is distinguished because of the world’s most imaginative configurations, especially in making compound bows.

Hoyt, the oldest brand, was founded in manufacturing compound bows by Earl Hoyt Jr in 1942. But typically, having produced cedar arrows and wooden bows in 1931, this brand was first introduced.

This also is the best archery organization able to fulfill customer demand from the starting period. It is suitable for the noise-free but string performance.

Beginner or expert, any archery can not deny Hoyt due to their numerous contributions. So, with using this kind of bow most of the hunters or archers feel safe to handle any tournament, even Olympic Games.

The most significant characteristic of the brand is that the manufacturer has changed the product’s materials, equipment, and technology according to the current demand of the users. It includes reinforced plastics after the 2nd World War.


Another prominent brand is Mathews, which comes with qualified and easy to deal with compound bows in the market today. The founder of this company is Matt McPherson. Since 1992, Mathews inc. has worked ensuring high-quality and fantastic designs bows in the hunting industry.

The manufacturer constructs this not only the beginner’s demand but also the professional’s archer’s appetite and desires. It also includes modern technological equipment. 

Honorably, the catchword of the main corporation is, people or customers first, the business next maintaining from the starting period. For this reason, customers believe this brand and Mathews are highly recommended for providing good customer services. 

From the establishment period, it has changed and advanced in the day-to-day users market. Another thing that the Single Cam technology was developed by Mathews Inc in 1992.

This is because the brand is capable of producing extremely faster as well as more easygoing compound bows. It doesn’t condone the more noise, maintain. 

So, most of the archers feel happy to get these highly efficient and smooth performance single cam bows.

Is Hoyt Better Than Mathews? – Explain

Hoyt and Mathews both are the largest and well-respected brands in nowadays, we mentioned. Archers who are really aggressive to reach the target points, they desire to select from Hoyt or Mathews. 

So, is Hoyt better than Matthews, it depends on users personal expectations. But, we include here some particular information on this matter.

When Hoyt Is Better?

Hoyt is better for some characteristics. Before going to purchase one from – Hoyt or Mathews, you have to learn this.

  • More Versatile

When you have to justify the market, you realize only one Hoyt is the brand of versatile. In this case, the Hoyt is a winner. Though this company doesn’t skip its previous recurve bows, now it offers a ton of high-end and modern specialized compound bows.

Its versatility makes it more gorgeous. The manufacturer capitalizes both- multiple luxury compound bows and recurves. So, anyone can select the appropriate one for fulfilling target-shoot.

However, when you can visit Hoyt’s website, you can see all varieties of bows within a short time. 

On the other hand, Mathews also offers eighteen different protection and new technology bows for the professional archers. Among those Solocam is the most popular.

It is one type of the single-cam procedure but compound bows. If you would like to enjoy the more accurate shot, you can go through this lighter bow.

Day by day Mathews includes the new technology and always tries to produce better bows before. But, their customer service is not good enough.

  • Outstanding Design

There is no doubt that Hoyt comes with exclusive design, shape, and color combinations. Due to the overall good look & attractive configuration, these bows were selected in Hollywood blockbusters.

Some bows have used not only Hollywood but other famous movie front cameras.

The world’s most famous archers highly use Hoyt bows in the Olympic Games. But, the recurve bows are allowed from 1900. 

By the way, it also offers you a special set up system so that anyone can do it without any hassle.

Contrary, bad news for archers who want to get the recurve bows because Mathews only is designed compound bows. This brand’s products are also good outlook and easy controlling strategy. 

  • Light in Weight and Fast

Another serious thing is the product’s weight that considers every archer or bowhunter. The most super light compound bow of Hoyt is Carbon Element, average weight only 3.6 pounds.

Even all of the bows are generally lightweights and faster than others.

On the other side, Mathews bows are not as heavy as you think. This solo cam bow is a little weighting than most of the Hoyt bows.

When Mathews Is Better?

Some expected features make Mathews better than Hoyt. Maximum archers want to get these following things.

  • More Affordable Expensive 

Mathews products are cheaper than Hoyt, although multiple costing Mathews are available in the market. Where Mathews Vertix is a high pricy and new bow.

Its price is perhaps $999. Keep in mind that price doesn’t factor in when you get the best quality products.

However, the overall Mathews’s expensive range is from $200-$400 and $700-$900. If you want to purchase almost all higher bows, you can’t get up to the $1000 range.

Unlike, Hoyt compound bows are a little pricey but a great choice for professional hunters. Even they can’t complain about this expense range of Hoyt.  

The average cost is from $200 to $2000 singles, a vast range. Newcomers who prefer to achieve a great hunting experience, they would like to select this brand for long-standing benefits.

  • More Perfect for The Target Shooter

The good news is for you if you are a bowhunter. Mathews is an excellent choice for the target shooter. Most of the bow hunters easily fulfill their target by using these compound bows though few archers prefer recurve bows.

However, Mathews Vertix is most popular and effective in this case. World’s best popular or expert hunters recommend this model. 

Its speed, accuracy, vibration, and noise system are extremely well. Even its weight and length is suitable for all archers. So, it helps you to get a good shooting experience.

Comparison Table of Hoyt and Mathews

In this moment, we present a comparison table of the between two luxury brands Hoyt and Mathews. That helps you to turn on a wonderful conclusion.

SmoothnessNo archer can ignore the Hoyt bow’s smoothness. This is because hunters feel pleased to do any smother shoot.Mathews bows are perfect for the less smooth shooting.
PriceLittle expensive than Mathews.Cheaper than Hoyt but not too much reasonable.
DurabilityMore durable & fast for target shootings.Less durable but best for bowhunters.
WeightLightweight and easy to handle.Little heavy but adjustable.
Bows typeCompound and recurve bows, including hybrid cams.Only compound bows adding a solo cam.


These Hoyt bows and Mathews bows are precise for the users who seek to get accurate shootings, quick response, and easy to tune features. Even bows are strong & durable.

Anyway, we have shared most of the items of the topic, is Hoyt better than Mathews. Hopefully, you understand our overall directions to this matter.

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