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Are you thinking of getting the PSE Coyote Recurve bow? Perhaps, you don’t understand whether it is the right choice or not. Don’t worry; just keep attention to our PSE Coyote Review.

This bow offers accurate shooting, ultra-smooth draw, and super easy grip that makes it exceptional. 

For understanding further, you could see the below.

PSE Coyote Review of 2021

This bow comes with a lot of advantages by investing worthy of money. If you are a novice, you can try this PSE Coyote recurve bow. But, more practice is necessary to ensure a target.

Now, we discuss here PSE Coyote’s review of details. First, you find the product description then features, pros and cons.

Product Description

The Coyote from PSE is one of the most well-regarded recurve bows in the market today. It comes with outstanding camo-colored as well as a classic design. No one can avoid its modern performance. The average draw weights are forty-four, forty-five, fifty, or fifty-five pounds enough to handle with ease. 

The manufacturer designed this bow using high-quality materials like plastic grip and aluminum riser, and more. Its takedown structure makes it different and ensures easy transport and storage capacity. The plastic trip is perfect for archers who prefer to get a lot comfortable at the shooting time. 

Alternatively, this bow’s lower as well as upper limbs contain hardwoods so that you don’t think of its breaking down as early as possible. The measure of the bow’s from edge to edge is sixty inches. Another highlighted thing, you can include any mountain or stabilizer for sightings due to the cutaway riser’s holes.

With using the PSE Coyote recurve bow, beginner, as well as professional archers, feel delighted to aim at a target. The measure of the Dacron bowstring is sixty inches, suited for archers. Plus, its brace size is from 5.5 inches to 6.25 inches. Just because of its natural outside color,  you can mix with the natural surroundings during hunting.

There is no doubt that this kind of recurve bow is rather powerful and straightforward to grip. You can’t ignore the stability of the bow for precision shots. On the other hand, the bow has a twenty-eight inches brace height that is quite short but good for more powerful shots. Sometimes new archery doesn’t want to use this bow because they need more practice to control it and ensure an accurate shot.

Package Includes:

The limbs, riser, string, PSE printed warranty, and manual card. 

Not Include:

Any rest or sight.

Features and Details 

This take-down recurve bow comes with numerous features and specifications. Before starting to use it, you have to assemble PSE Coyote. You can do this for ten to fifteen minutes.

At this moment, we will share important features of the PSE Coyote review.

More Powerful And Accurate Shots

PSE Coyote comes with short shaft height but precise for more accurate shots. When you draw the line, this recurve bow provides kinetic energy & power to arrows. In most cases, the accurate power feedback depends on the bow’s configuration. 

For example, if the draw length is longer, it can be more powerful. The higher poundage bow is also more powerful. Ultimately, this powerful PSE Coyote bow is good for practice targets from thirty, forty, fifty, and more yards.

Perfect For Hunting

This recurve bow is quite heavier than the compound bow. You can carry its 3.1 Ibs. It is not bad for handling. But, if anyone uses the lighter bows, he or she feels trouble holding this PSE. The sixty inches length is sufficient to create a stable platform.

This length is well-suited and perfect for hunting. Hunters can use heavy arrows to kill passing through elk and deer. Even you can achieve several animals from thirty to forty yards by using this recurve bow.

Approve Accessories

Another outstanding characteristic is that PSE Coyote is suitable for accepting several accessories because of coming threaded and drilled. It allows you to settle bow sights, a stabilizer to reduce vibrations, and an arrow quiver. 

Don’t think that this Coyote packet includes accessories. If you want to use any accompaniment, you have to purchase it separately. The good news is that without including those, you can shoot with confidence. In this case, you have to select the right arrows for shooting. How to choose arrows?

It is dependent on your draw length and aim planned. If you desire to collect arrows for shooting purposes, you turn on the lighter arrows for better accuracy of more than thirty yards distances. Alternatively, for hunting motives, you will select little heavier arrows to give kinetic energy and achieve more flesh.  

More Comfortable To Pick

This bow is more comfortable to pick as well as grip suits if your hand is medium size. Most professional archers aren’t tired of using this bow for any prolonged shooting contest. It is very simple to keep up while aiming and you don’t think that your grip is digging without any reason. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel comfortable, you can avoid it.

Solid And Durable 

There is no question that the PSE Coyote recurve bow is made from durable material, though when released at first, it contained low-quality and weak limbs. But, nowadays, it provides you with actual strong and energetic shots. The wonderful pockets support for setting limbs with ease. 

Plus, a strong aluminum riser is adequate for shooting far. Even you enjoy its security as well as the tight attachment. However, the new PSE bow includes standard, well-designed, and durable limbs so that they do not break & crack quickly.


  • Suitable for accurate shots
  • The great value of money 
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Durability and stability
  • Good for hunting 
  • Lighter enough


  • Brace height may be complicated
  • Quite tough to handle for new archers.
  • Its twenty-eight inches of draw length is not good for all archery


So, this provides you great value for the investment. Remember, it is not a great choice for the neophyte archers who are just starting sports. We have already delivered detailed information on the topic of the PSE Coyote Review. Now, turn on your decision.

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