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For a successful hunt, you need proper equipment, willing game and guess what? Maximum safety gears that don’t pull you back. When we say safety gear, most people think the obvious: ammo, tents, guns, and sometimes food even. But they neglect one huge thing: clothing. Hence, you really need protective gear that doesn’t just promise but performs well too.

You are definitely not auditioning for how to look ripped while hunting by wearing just a shirt and breeches. This is why we judged real hunting gear, Sitka Fanatic vs. Incinerator, and turns out incinerators are for colder seasons, while fanatics are for warmer. What more we found out, see for yourselves!

Sitka Fanatic vs. Incinerator

All About Sitka Gears

Sitka has been making protective gears while hunting for both men and women, and they’ve been in the business for over the years. So when they say their gears allow you to start down sharp terrain or hunt in the wild, trust them. 

Tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and lightweight protection has always been the fancies of wild hunters, and so for your next turkey hunt, you may be wanting one from the massive collection that Sitka has to offer. But which one do you pick, the Fanatic or the Incinerator? Let’s talk about their gears and where they are different.

Gear Comparison

We will compare the gears in three sections, building a basic hunting system and find out which one is better:


All three of the jackets from the Fanatic and Incinerator line are for whitetail game hunters in the elevated position. 

Fanatic Jackets

You will find the Fanatic Jacket is the heaviest of the lot, weighing over 46 pounds. It is made of jacquard fleece and is the softest and quietest of the lot. In fact, it is so ultra-quiet that it is dubbed as the most sound-suppressing gear of its kind compared to all hunting jackets.

There are intentional diagonal pockets to store your whitetail hunting crucial accessories and a front pocket for you to keep other essentials (FYI, phone, and car keys). Did you know that you will also find handwarmer pockets designed into the jacket, so you don’t have to buy the accessories separately? The Gore-tex Infinium with Windstopper technology on the jacket protects you from the rough wind while still being breathable. Just imagine this, your sweat goes out, and the wind doesn’t hurt your warmth inside!

Fanatic Lite Jackets

With over 29 pounds of weight, this is the lightest jacket of the 3. It does not have many of the fancy terms of the Original Fanatic. However, it is perfect for mid-season hunts. The jacquard microfleece interior is still there, and so is the diagonal zip, hand muff insulation, and water-resistance. 

Incinerator Jackets

With 2 layers of waterproof, polyester-woven lining, this is the warmest deal and the most expensive one too. It keeps you stealthy and dry and makes sure that you do not have hindrance in movement or bow clearance. The articulated fit and bulk on the jacket keep you warm while the strategic chest, grunt tube, and hand pockets keep essentials near at hand.

What works best in this is the PrimaLoft Technology that keeps you warm even when you’re wet!

Verdict on Jackets:

  1. The Incinerator gives the most water protection and hence is suitable for locations with a lot of water bodies.
  2. For wind protection, the Incinerator ties with the Fanatic jacket. So if you’ll be hunting in windy weather and you’re short of a budget, go for the Fanatic one.
  3. Fanatic has more durable jackets than Incinerator. So if you want something long-lasting, go for the former.
  4. The Fanatic Light has the least warmth, while the Incinerator has the least breathability. Meaning, pass the summers with the Lite, but for winters, opt for the Incinerator.
  5. If you want a jacket that doesn’t make noise, don’t get an Incinerator; it can’t suppress the noise of your movement.



With a weight of 53 pounds, this is a heavier one of the two bibs. The upper body is made of jacquard fleece, while the lower body has polyester stretch fleece, making your lower body movement more flexible than the upper one. 

But that is tolerable considering that this is a bib! It reduces the sound of your movements to half, so you can easily be more confident in audible engagement with your hunt without letting it out where you are hiding! You get multi-chamber cargo pockets to keep plenty of essentials here and burr-resistant leg-lining for durability.


This is a lighter bib at 47 pounds and has two layers of the Gore-Tex lining that gives water protection more priority than the previous one. You get not just cargo pockets, but also chest and hand pockets to keep a lot of other things. 

The full waterproof side zips to protect your essentials from being damaged too. While the Goretex makes it breathable, the Primaloft technology makes it more insulated for users like us who need more warmth.

Verdict on Bibs:

  1. The Incinerator is perfect for water protection, while the Fanatic is better for win protection.
  2. Both are potentially warm, with the Incinerator capable of providing more warmth in winters.
  3. The Fanatic is very breathable, making it great for sweaty hunters.


Fanatic Beanies

The fanatic beanie claims to offer silence in hunting too. But what could be silent hunting that requires your hair to keep quiet? Although this sounds absurd, the Fanatic beanie gives you great warmth.

Incinerator GTX Hats

This protects not just your head but keeps your ears dry and all heated up from the cold winter wind. It comes with additional ear flaps and adjustable backs, so you can make your custom fit!

Verdict on Headcovers:

Both of them are good enough to warm your head and ears. The Fanatic one is the cheaper alternative, though.

Final Words

So, Sitka Fanatic vs. Incinerator, which one is better? For the cold and windy nights, Incinerator. For breezy summertime or mid-season, Fanatic. If you’re short on budget, Fanatic Lite is a good option to explore that comes with basic gear protection and features. We hope this helps you to pick your perfect gear purchase now!

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