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Tree stands are highly crucial instruments, especially for professional hunters. One of the most highly debated factors in the hunter community is the issue of lone wolf alpha vs. Assault. Hunters differ in their opinion in terms of which one to go for in the first place. This rivalry between the two isn’t anything, nor is it uncommon. But if you dig deeper, you’d understand that both have their own ways of actions. Each tree stand provides individual benefits that its counterpart may not possess. 

Lone Wolf Alpha vs. Assault 

Here we’re going to make a comparative analysis between the two treestand giants. And we’ll try to comprehend which one would be the best fit for your hunting style. 

Why Do You Need a Treestand? 

First, we’d like to discuss slightly the necessity of a treestand and how it can aid your hunting techniques. 

Longer Range in Visibility 

The main reason why hunters think about a treestand is increasing the visibility level. It gives you a better height, which can be leveraged to go above the bushes and other objects that can obstruct vision. Thereby, you’re able to have a clear shot improving the possibilities of a secure kill. 

Hides Your Scent 

When the hunter is operating from the ground, the possibility of the games’ detecting his scent increases to a certain extent. But while you’re climbing above, sitting, and waiting on a tree stand, that risk remains minimum. 

Reduces the Possibility of Stray Shots 

Stray shots are something you’d always have to think about while shooting games. It also affects the hunter on a psychological level, making them nervous with inhibition. 

But when you’re shooting from above, the arrow is likely to travel downwards, reducing the risk of stray shots and harming people. It also brings down the sense of insecurity and apprehension while hunting. 

Some of the Key Positives of Lone Wolf Alpha 

Well, as you now understand how critical a treestand is in hunting, let’s now focus on our Lone Wolf Alpha’s strengths and what makes it a serious competitor in the business! 

Useable for Long Time Hunting Experience 

Because of being a bit heavier and wider in dimension, it can be the perfect match; if you’re looking forward to hunting for a long time from a single site, then Alpha is the call! 

Alpha is better suited for hunters who like to leave stands for months or weeks on. 

You Get Plenty of Space 

If you’re big and like to have some space while sitting and waiting for a large game comfortably, then Alpha should be the appropriate one to go. It has a better space capability and provides a much more flexible shooting experience than the other ones. 

Some Downsides of Alpha You Should Know 

Besides the positives, Alpha does have one or two issues you might want to look at. 

It Can Seem Heavy and Tire You Up

It may get highly tiring for hunters who like to go lighter on their backs. It also takes up a huge space, which also becomes a problem. Especially if you’re trekking mountains, the extra weight can seem unbearable.  

Several Key Strengths of Lone Wolf Assault 

We’ve found out the stronger aspects of Alpha. But, to make a comparison between the two, we must also reflect on the possible strengths and drawbacks of Assault as well. 

That’s why Here we’d like to talk about some of the positives that Assault has to offer! 

For Quick and Lighter Packing 

For those who like to pack it lighter and prefer a grab and go mindset in terms of hunting, Assault should be the one to go for. Its lightness is something that you’d truly enjoy! 


Assault offers a versatility that is quite appreciating. It can fit into tighter spaces. So, it gets a whole lot easier to hang it at different locations without much hassle. 

Some Weaknesses of Assault 

Assault, too, has one or two minor problems you may want to check out.

Can Seem Uncomfortable 

Assault being a smaller stand, can feel a bit congested for the hunter with all his equipment. Especially for taller individuals, it can get highly difficult to sit comfortably for long. 

Final Judgement 

Well, at the end of our investigative research, we now have an answer to the ‘Lone Wolf Alpha vs. Assault’ question. We’d like to clarify that it isn’t a judgment on the quality of the instruments. 

Instead, it’s more like looking at the stands and understanding each one’s perspectives and their use in real-life hunting scenarios. We found Alpha to be slightly ahead of Assault with all the comparisons in terms of offering a more stable, comfortable sitting arrangement that suits a longer hunting experience. 

While the Assault may seem a bit confusing for the small space yet, it also offers an incredible service for quick, grab-and-go minded hunters. So, it’s still on you to choose the one that suits your personal preference better! 

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